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Bio of Matthew Jay Povich and rumor of affairs. Whom is he dating?

Richa Thu Mar, 2016
Bio of Matthew Jay Povich and rumor of affairs. Whom is he dating?

To be famous, either it needs an extraordinary or hard work, but for some being the child of famous parents is enough. Today, we are talking about Matthew Jay Povich, the son of popular television presenter named Maury Povich, The Maury Povich Show host, and his second wife Connie Chung. Along with an old love story of his parents, Matthew has put the curiousness of all in his dating life as well.

Well, as reported, Matthew Jay is not the biological children of Povich and Chung. The couple married for years didn't get blessed with children and later adopted Matthew. Want to know more about Matthew Jay Povich and his relationships? Scroll down. 

Matthew Jay Povich- Short Intro

Matthew has a very limited profile within the social media and there is no mentioning much about his personal life. Matthew is the adopted child by journalists parents, Maury Povich and Connie Chung in 1995. 

Furthermore, Matthew is alleged to be adopted from a young unmarried Californian woman.

Not much information on Matthew's professional career is out yet, but sources claim that he often mentions that he wants to follow in his father's footsteps and become a television personality. The good news is yet to come.

Story Of an Adopted Child: Matthew Jay Povich

The story goes back in the time in the 1970s when Matthew's adoptive parents Maury and Connie met while they were working in WTTG-TV within Washington where their affair started.

After nearly 7 years of on-off relationship, the couple got married in 1984, the marriage being the second one for Maury as he was already married to his wife (now divorced) Phyllis Minkoff from 1962-1979.

Matthew Jay Povich's parents: Maury Povich and Connie Chung

Matthew Jay Povich's parents: Maury Povich and Connie Chung 

Source: PIC4KEY

But even after 5-years of marriage, Maury and Connie couldn't have children and later Matthew came into Maury and his wife Connie's life in the year 1995, the year the couple adopted Matthew.


Matthew Jay Povich with his father Maury Povich

Matthew Jay Povich with his father Maury Povich

Source: PIC4KEY

Well, Matthew is not the only child of Maury, as he has got 2 sisters Susan Anne Povich and Amy Povich, from Maury's relationship with first wife.

Matthew loves tasting new dishes and traveling during his free time. He is also a good cook indeed as explained by his siblings.

Matthew Jay Povich's Dating? Relationships and Rumors

Matthew is claimed of being a romantic boyfriend but how romantic Matthew is, has never been seen by anyone. He also claimed to be in a committed relationship, though no plans for his  marriage or girlfriend is out yet.

Talking about rumored relationships and past affairs, Matthew seems to be resistance from these records, however, no one knows the story clinging behind the shadows.

As for now, Matthew shows himself as a family guy and is often seen with his parents making public appearances.

Info's regarding Matthew's net worth and career is still under, however, being the child of Maury owning a net worth of $65 million ($45 million in 2016) with an annual income of around $14 million, money really wouldn't be an issue for the lad. 

Matthew is also good in his study. Matthew is also said to have dreams of being an entrepreneur and establishing his own business very soon. Well! Matthew, we are waiting for your good news very soon.