Bill Weld Challenges President Donald Trump for GOP Nomination in 2020

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Finally, we have one more candidate to run for the 2020 presidential campaign. Former governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld, recently on Monday, announced that he has made his official entry in the 2020 election. 

In fact, the former governor presented his entry in a sort of a challenge for the president of the United States, Donald Trump. The 73 years old sternly condemned the action made by the president and said, 

Ours is a nation built on courage, resilience, and independence. In these times of great political strife, when both major parties are entrenched in their 'win at all cost' battles, the voices of the American people are being ignored and our nation is suffering

He further spoke about the need for patriotism among people and the principal the people need to follow. He added,

It is time for patriotic men and women across our great nation to stand and plant a flag. It is time to return to the principles of Lincoln -- equality, dignity, and opportunity for all. There is no greater cause on earth than to preserve what truly makes America great. I am ready to lead that fight.

Talking of Weld, he has been the vice presidential nominee on the Libertarian Party ticket with former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson in 2016. Likewise, in the 1990s, he was the governor of Massachusetts for two terms.

Besides, in a recent interview with CNN's Jake Tapper on The Lead, he clearly mentioned that it would be a pathetic situation for the country to see Trump as the president once again. 

I really think if we have six more years of the same stuff we've had out of the White House the last two years that would be a political tragedy, and I would fear for the Republic

Moreover, Weld also touched on several other topics and criticized Trump's attitude towards climate change as well.

Check out the interview here.

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