Beyoncé Buys Her Very Own Church in New Orleans: Details

Updated On 21 May, 2018 Published On

Beyonce has brought her very own church! The 36-year-old singer has purchased a 7,500 sq. ft. stone church in New Orleans that was built in the early 1900's, making it structure over a 100-years-old.

The church was listed at $850,000 but it's not disclosed if this is exactly what the songstress paid.

The church, which is located nearby where Beyonce's sister Solange lives, has apparently not been in use for awhile as its members have passed away.

CAPTION: Beyoncé Buys Her Very Own Church in New Orleans SOURCE: consequenceofsound

Looks like it could be revival time though and Beyonce shouldn't have any issues finding folks willing to get information and join her congregation.

A few weeks back, a church in San Francisco, Grace Cathedral, conducted a worship service themed all around Beyoncé.

According to Mother Jones, the church hosted a "Beyoncé Mass" as a part of its weekly worship series, which is targeted towards women and young worshippers.

The service included a sermon about liberation struggle and it featured scripture readings by black women, readings from a speech by Ella Baker - the civil rights leader, and singing along to Beyoncé songs.