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Home Gossip Betty Nguyen is already married to her husband and have a baby? FInd out who they are

Betty Nguyen is already married to her husband and have a baby? FInd out who they are

Alishan Sat Nov, 2016
Betty Nguyen is already married to her husband and have a baby? FInd out who they are

Betty Nguyen is married

Betty Nguyen the Emmy award winner for outstanding noon newscast has been very private about her personal life. She is one of the hottest looking anchors in her field. She was very career oriented and didn’t care about having a relationship.

There is not much information about her relationship status. Is she married or engaged? She is a very gorgeous looking woman with the right amount of curves. I bet every guy would be stunned by her beauty. According to her she had everything planned about her life.


The years go by in a blink. Still my dance partner for life. ??

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 However few details about her marriage have been leaked. Betty and her husband exchanged their vows on July 27 2014 in Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Manhattan. The wedding was a small one and was not publicized. It was private and only her close friends and family was invited to attend the ceremony.

She has not even revealed her husband’s name in any of her social sites. It is only known that her husband is called AJ other than that nothing has been shared by Betty.

However, I think the anchor of the CBS News is doing the right thing keeping her personal life off the social sites. Many of the couples split due to too much of exposure to the media. The two lovebirds seem to be very happy with their married life and also have a baby together.

Betty's Baby Boy

They had their first child on mid-2015. Before their first child Betty had a miscarriage. She and her husband could have had twins but they got their hearts broken when the doctor told about what had happened.


Can you tell which one of us is severely sleep deprived? #TheStruggleIsReal

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Eventually the pair gave another shot to have a baby and was successful. Betty gave birth to a handsome baby boy and they named him Thomas. She has shared lots of photos of him in Instagram and you can’t deny the fact that he is a cute looking boy.


Ok so the Minion doesn't exactly go with our "aquatic theme" but we try. ????

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Betty’s Miscarriage

The cofounder of Help the Hungry tried for her first baby with her husband AJ but unfortunately it was miscarried. The couple was in shock when the doctor told the babies had no heartbeat.

Betty wrote in her blog that she was crushed and it was the first time she cried after her father’s death. She also mentioned that she had twins inside her. Betty and her hubby must have been very strong to deal with such news. However they did not give the dream of having a child just yet.

The couple again tried for the next baby but Betty was too scared and nervous after her miscarriage. But she has written in her blog that her husband was very supportive and motivated her a lot in the process.

Now the couple have a baby boy who added more happiness in their life.