Betting On Floyd, Is it Still Worth After The News Of His Injury Is Out?

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Unlikely it may seem, but is it worth betting on Floyd Mayweather after all these hypes about his injured hands? Undoubtedly, with Floyd standing by an undefeated record of 49-0, victory for McGregor may sound like a worst-case scenario for Floyd but is the risk worth taking after all the evidence that substantiates Floyd's weakness.

Well, the fist fight that is definitely the biggest match in the history might prove to be suicidal for both the players and bookie whose fate is mere few days away. Not to mention, but besides all the predictions and assumptions regarding the match that will unfold not before August 26, "who to bet for?" is what has baffled all.

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Floyd Mayweather and Corner McGregor

Floyd Mayweather and Corner McGregor

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Mayweather who has never been defeated in his career and is regarded as a five-division world champion and holds fifteen world titles is definitely the first go for many if his multiple injuries is not considered. At the same time, the Irish professional, Conor McGregor who is the first fighter in the history to hold titles in two weight divisions simultaneously has never failed to prove his masculinity.

With a successful history behind Floyd, his victory over McGregor will add to his score of 49-0 but the same time his loss will undoubtedly be remarked as his biggest sport upset ever.

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Well, to hear from Floyd, he sounds like he was never more confident regarding his victory over his opponent. Talking about the match with McGregor, he stated:

“I feel like money. We gotta give people what they wanna see, excitement. At the pace we are going right now, it’s set to be bigger than the Pacquiao fight. I feel like I owe this to the fans, the Pacquiao fight wasn’t a blockbuster, so we are gonna give them a blockbuster.”
“I don’t like (Conor McGregor), I don’t like him at all. I’m going straight ahead, I’m not going with that defense, the fans deserve it. The after party is going to be at my strip club.”
“I’ll be there (at the strip club). I got into the strip club business because I knew the breasts, vagina, music, and alcohol will never go out of style.”
“If (Conor) kicks me in the head, that’s a huge fine. I don’t think he wants to lose like 90% of the money. Conor McGregor is undefeated standing up. The one time he lost in the octagon, he was on the ground. I look forward to putting him down.”
“As of now, we need to get past August 26, then after that we can talk about maybe (fighting in the UFC).”

Well, keeping up with Floyd's word, McGregor too seem to be high on his testosterone level and is super sure about his victory. But as it is said, future is unpredictable, let's see what the future unfolds.