Below Deck Star Kate Chastain Speaks about Unfair legal about his Ex-girlfriend

Below Deck Star Kate Chastain Speaks about Unfair legal about his Ex-girlfriend

As much as we enjoy reality shows, the stars love doing it. Sometimes, reality shows cause an adverse effect in a relationship. Same thing happened with ‘Below Deck’ star Kate Chastain when she made us believe that she will no more show her relationships on reality TV.

She got arrested for an incident of domestic violence with ex-girlfriend Rocio Hernandez. Hernandez had appeared in one of the episodes of the Bravo reality show. Let’s find out what actually happened.

Kate Chastain accused of physical abuse

When Chastain appeared in a season of ‘Below Deck’ with her lady love Ro Hernandez, an incident blew everyone’s mind. Chastain was reported of getting physical with Hernandez. However, she doesn’t wish to give further information regarding it. She admitted that she has dangerously bad taste in romantic partners.

?Image: Kate Chastain and Rocio Hernandez

Image: Kate Chastain and Rocio Hernandez

Source: Daily mail

Chastain designated all of her off-screen drama as ‘Unfair’. She admits that bringing Hernandez into TV was a huge mistake. In an interview with PEOPLE, Chastain said:

“I’ve had significant others during other seasons, but I kept it very private. This season, it wasn’t really my intention to have it so public, but it just happened and I’m not sure it’s a mistake I’ll make again

Kate Chastain is single

At present, Chastain’s relationship status is single. She claimed to take some time to realign her judgment, that’s why she doesn’t want to see anyone at the moment.


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Kate Chastain doesn't have a date choice

You might be unaware that Chastain dates randomly as she doesn’t have a specific type. She says that she has dated a billionaire, a pro surfer, a lacrosse player, a female soccer player and even a guy who had a medicinal marijuana mansion in California with a ponytail. Thus she doesn’t have a specific choice.

?Image: Kate Chastain

Image: Kate Chastain

Source: Heavy

Kate Chastain not interested in settling with someone

Chastain who has been dealing with a huge relationship mistake in the past doesn’t seem to be interested in settling down with someone but wants to settle her overall life. She says that she tries not to strive for anything that’s beyond her control.

Chastain is done with traveling and all she wants to do now is throw pillows and pot plants. She revealed that she loves to spend more time on land with her car, dog, and apartment rather than her past routing of yachting.

?Image: Kate Chastain

Image: Kate Chastain

Source: Bravo TV

We hope Chastain’s legal battle end soon so that she can settle down with her life peacefully. We seriously want Chastain to meet her Mr.right real soon and have a happy life ahead.