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Home Gossip BBC News Correspondent Kate Adie's net worth. Explore her sucessful career & awards

BBC News Correspondent Kate Adie's net worth. Explore her sucessful career & awards

abhilasha Sun Dec, 2016
BBC News Correspondent Kate Adie's net worth. Explore her sucessful career & awards

Kathryn 'Kate' Adie is a successful English journalist who served as a war correspondent for BBC News for a long time. She worked as a chief news reporter for BBC News and covered tonnes war of news from the war zones itself from almost all around the world. She has experienced a successful career and has also received numerous prestigious awards in her lifetime.   Even at the age of 71 new she works for the BBC Radio 4 and presents 'From Our Own Correspondent'. So who much do you she has the net worth of?

Apart from her journalistic career Kate Adie is also an author and has already been tagged as a best seller for her novels and her autobiography. Till now she has altogether written five novels which have gained huge success.  She is one of the most academicians who have many honorary degrees from many universities which also include York St. John University, University of Bath, University of Sunderland, Plymouth University and much more.

Kate Adie

BBC News Correspondent Kate Adie's net worth


The success that Kate Adie has achieved in her professional career can be hardly received by many people. She worked for the BBC News which is one of the most flourished news media as a chief news correspondent for almost 34 years.  Additionally, she is also associated with Radio 4's from Our Own Correspondent where she still works. She is a role model for many of those people who wants to mark their name in the field of journalism. She has earned huge amount of wealth and working for such a great year in such a big media outlets she has greater net worth than anyone can imagine.

As said Kate Adie is also a well-known author. Her media career is not only the one which helped her make the net worth large. Kate success in book writing also has a large impact on her wealth and bank balance she enjoys now. She has always given her best in whatever she has done whether it is for her reporting or for her book. According to Hampshire Chronicle, Kate will always be remembered as 'the woman in the flak-jacket', reporting from the frontline amid gunfire.

Kate Adie successful career and awards she won

Kate Adie

As Kate Adie says, "I do not think about how people remember me. I hope people think I did a good job. I don’t have time to sit and ponder what people think". Despite her thinking, everyone knows however Kate thinks she did her work she did everything in a splendid way. Kate began in the BBC News as a station assistant at BBC Radio Durham then later turned into television and became a reporter. After continues work on disaster throughout the 1980s she was promoted to Chief News Correspondent in 1989 where she worked for 14 years. She quit BBC News in the year 2003.

Kate Adie did her major reporting from the Gulf war which was one of her most appreciated works. In the year 1990, she won the Richard Dimbleby Award from BAFTA whereas in 1993 Kate was appointed an OBE. She has also received many high-status awards for the books she has written.