Baxter Neal Helson: Ex-Husband of Tish Cyrus and Step Father of Miley Cyrus

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Who doesn't know about the superstar Miley Cyrus? She is a singing sensation whose professional and personal life are not hidden. However, only a few know about Miley's mother Tish Cyrus and her relationship with Baxter Neal Helson.

Baxter Neal Helson is the ex-husband of Tish Cyrus and did you know what that means. Baxter is the step-father of Miley. He is more renowned as a father of Miley Cyrus than anything else. Let's find out the full story:

Tish Cyrus married Baxter-Neal Helson

Tish and Baxter can be termed as childhood lovers as they fell in love with each other during their childhood. They dated for several years and later got married. But their married life was not good, due to Tish's link-ups with another man. This dissolved their marriage.

Image: Miley Cyrus with her mom Tish Cyrus

Image: Miley Cyrus with her mom Tish Cyrus

Source: NY daily news

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Tish Cyrus married Billy Ray Cyrus

After her divorce with Baxter, Tish married Billy Ray Cyrus on 28th December 1993. Tish gave birth to Billy's three children among which Miley is the eldest.

Image: Miley Cyrus with her mom Tish Cyrus and dad Billy Ray Cyrus

Image: Miley Cyrus with her mom Tish Cyrus and dad Billy Ray Cyrus

Source: Daily mail

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Tish Cyrus relationship with Baxter-Neal Helson

On the other side, Baxter also dated other women after his divorce with Tish. Baxter is a reputed Kentucky drummer. He is renowned nationwide due to his wonderful contribution to the field of music.

His skills in the drum are really very amazing due to which he has many fans and followers. Baxter and Tish didn't have any children. After only a few years of their marriage, they got divorced. 


Lol. Head shots & Sharpie ready to go. PS my Dad's the only one @ the MC m&g.... He's always been my #1 fan!

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He is a media-shy person and he is not an active guy on any social networking sites like Facebook, twitter. Thus, there aren't any reports of where Baxter is right now.

Miley Cyrus relationship with Baxter-Neal Helson

Miley has met her step-father Baxter on a few occasions. But whenever Miley is asked about him in interviews, she doesn't really talk about him. 

It seems like Miley isn't too fond of talking about her mother's relationships. But that doesn't really mean Miley isn't close to her mother.  Even though Miley doesn't talk about Baxter much, she posted a photo of herself with him on her Instagram once. Looks like she doesn't really hate him.

Tish Cyrus talks about Miley Cyrus' wedding

Miley has a good reputation as a singer, but currently, she is famous for her unhealthy publicity stunts.

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Quick facts about Miley Cyrus:

Who is Tish Cyrus former spouse?

Baxter Neal Helson is the ex-husband of Tish Cyrus.

Who is Baxter Neal Helson?

He is the stepfather of Miley Cyrus.

What is Baxter Neal Helson known for?

He is the popular drummer, who is renowned in Kentucky.