Barbara Corcoran Invests $50,000 In Fidgetland: Reason On Shark Tank Revealed

Updated On 10 Oct, 2017 Published On

A renowned American businesswoman Barbara Corcoran has opened up about her learning disabilities on the episode of Shark Tank on Sunday.

She said that she believes learning disabilities not being a drawback in both business and life. Instead, she believes it can even be a plus point.

Her learning disabilities might be one of the reasons for Corcoran's $50,000 investment in Fidgetland, Jason Burns-founded company that sells products to help people stay focused.

American renowned businesswoman and investor Barbara Corcoran

American renowned businesswoman and investor Barbara Corcoran

Source: businessinsider

Corcoran used all her effort to make sure her dyslexia does not hold her back. She says “this is kind of a cause for me.” adding:

I love these ADD types, and half of them are real geniuses, if only you could find a good slot to put them in. My most productive people that I’ve worked with my whole life usually have some curve-ball in learning. And I seek them out.

Corcoran once said in a statement that working with the disability made her better and more creative.

On Monday, October 9, the investor shared a tweet, revealing that most of her top-level entrepreneurs have a learning dyslexia on Monday 9 October. Check it out.

As per the report, Corcoran knew about her disability when her son was diagnosed with it. Additionally, her 11-year-old daughter also is suffering from ADD.