Armed Bank Robber Slipped on Icy Street While Trying To Flee, Arrested by Police

Updated On 14 Feb, 2019 Published On

An armed robber who had just swiped a lot of money from a Maine bank wasn’t able to flee after slipping on an icy street outside and in front of a cop. He was got arrested.

According to the Waterville Police department, the suspect, who has been identified as Jason Mackenrodt, 38, had just robbed a Bangor Savings Bank and tried to flee the scene.

But as the parking lot across the street was icy and he slipped and fell, spiled the cash from his jacket and run in front of an agent of Maine State Police who was sitting in his car.

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Police said when the police agent, Glen Lang, saw the gun and money, he quickly realized that Jason had just robbed the bank.

The suspect attempted to flee but was tackled by Glen before he got too far.

Waterville Deputy Police Chief William Bonney told WABI,

The special agent from the State Police -- he was in the right place at the right time. Very competent officer with a lot of years of experience. He did a great job in apprehending this guy without any injury, keeping the community safe, keeping the suspect safe, and keeping himself safe.

Jason used a BB gun to rob the bank, according to WABI report. The cash spilled was swept up by the wind and the public members dashed to scoop it up.

Jason, who was charged with robbery and terrorizing, is being held on $25,000 bail.

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