Bam Margera Fires Threats and Abuses at his Manager at the West Side Comedy Club

Updated On 08 Mar, 2019 Published On

In video footage obtained by TMZ professional skateboarder and filmmaker, Bam Margera was seen cussing and firing threats at his manager on 7th March 2019.

According to the attendees at the West Side Comedy Club, Bam and his team canceled their 7 pm set at the venue, but the sponsors were still hopeful for the 10 pm show.

Bam arrived on the set at 8 pm and on finding the place deserted he started firing threats and abuses at his manager.

If you go through the video, Bam Margera is really pissed and calls his manager a "f***ing p***y", and also threatens to smash his face.

As per the sources Bam appeared on the venue intoxicated with booze, and even though the officials tried to calm things down, explaining to him that the audience wouldn't show up until 9 pm for his 10 pm set, the stuntman kept on fuming.


CAPTION: Bam Margera's poster at the West Side Comedy Club



We are all aware of Bam's alcohol addiction and has been in and out of rehabilitation centers in the past.

After the little beef with his manager, Bam Margera exited the premises and got into a waiting car.

In response to his rude and unprofessional behavior, West Side Comedy Club canceled both his sets, which were part of Margera's tour in Connecticut and New York.