Baltimore Cookout Shooting: 1 People Killed Among 8 Who Were Shot

Updated On 29 Apr, 2019 Published On

Eight people were shot among who one was killed after a gunman indiscriminately opened fire into a crowd gathered for a cookout in a west Baltimore street on Sunday, April 28, authorities have confirmed.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told media in a press conference that authorities are seeking help from the public to identify the gunman and the victims from the "tragic, cowardly" shooting.

Michael said,

It is only with community help that we will be able to identify who did this and hold them accountable.

The suspect approached an intersection where people were gathered for cookouts on both sides of the 2500 block of Edmondson Avenue. He then started "firing indiscriminately into the crowd, striking a number of people."

Michael said the suspect may have been trying to kill one or more people in the crowd. Detectives are also trying to find if another person returned fire.

The commissioner said that they believe that "there was a second shooter, perhaps firing back, but it is still unknown."

Detectives are trying to determine if the cookouts were related to any other possible connections among those present.

The victims who were shot were both male and female and they are yet to be identified. Their conditions are unknown.

The dead man who was a ran behind a nearby church and collapsed. Harrison said that the shooting wasn't connected to the church.

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