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Published On Feb 26, 2017
Facts of Baje Fletcher
Birth Nation: United States
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Baje Fletcher moved to Florida after 14 and she spent her adult life there. Besides, writing she also has been involved in modeling and entertainment since she was 18.  

Baje Fletcher was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Christian Keyes. But they couldn’t continue their relation due to some issues and got separated with each other. Currently, Baje Fetcher is unmarried and single by his status.

Recently, Baje Fletcher and Christian Keyes were spotted together in a restaurant, both enjoying coffee together. This has made confusion in media and public, as they still being together or not. However, both of them claimed that they both are single. 

Baje Fletcher

Baje Fletcher facts on timeline

Second television appearance from The Game


Baje Fletcher has appeared in many movies and television shows. She made her second appearance on TV from the television series The Game which was released in 2006. In that series, she had the role of Flapjax.

Television debut from Criminal Minds


Baje Fletcher made her first appearance in television from television series Criminal Minds which was released in 2005. In that television series she had the role fo cop and after that, she got to be featured in many television series and TV shows. 

Appeared in The Millionaire Matchmaker


Baje Fletcher made her third appearance in TV from television series The Millionaire Matchmaker which was released in 2008. In the series, she had a good part and in the same year, she appeared in another television series Paris Hilton's My New BFF.

Movie appearance from Reach around Radio


Baje Fletcher made her movie debut from the movie named Reach around Radio which was released in 2012. She was admired for her performance in the movie and after that, she appeared in many movies and shows. 

Recent movie Thirsty the Movie


Baje Fletcher recent appearance in acting was from the movie named Thirsty the Movie which was released in 2015. After then she has not been seen in acting in movies however she going with some projects which can be released in near future.