Ayden Callaghan and wife Sarah-Jane Honeywell Welcomes Second Child, Know Their Love Life

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    Sarah Jane Honeywell is an English actress, dancer, and a tv personality and is a mother of two sons. She is currently married to husband Ayden Callaghan. The couple welcomed their second son on 24 January 2018 and his name is Indiana

    Ayden Callaghan and his wife Honeywell got married in 2016, shortly after they had their first child in 2015. Honeywell, who is 43 years old, announced the news about her pregnancy with her husband Ayden in September.

    Ayden Callaghan and wife Sarah-Jane Honeywell

    Ayden Callaghan and wife Sarah-Jane Honeywell

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    The couple also posted a video on YouTube revealing the news about her pregnancy to the world. This was her third pregnancy as she suffered a miscarriage during her first pregnancy. Anyway, Honeywell and her husband are blessed for the second time as they have already welcomed their second baby into their life.

    Ayden Callaghan and her Wife Welcome their Second Child: A Boy

    The former CBeebies presenter, Honeywell and her husband Ayden were expecting a child for the second time since September. And 5 monts after they revealed about the pregnancy, they welcomed the child.

    The 43 years old mother revealed the big news by posting a picture of the newborn baby's feet with an identity tag on Twitter. Honeywell's husband Ayden also posted a picture of their baby boy's feet on Instagram and also revealed the name of their second son. They named him Indiana Fox



    Ayden was not present during the delivery of his wife as he was stuck in London due to the canceled trains and reached later that night as he mentioned on his Instagram. He also mentioned the staffs of Lincoln Maternity in his post and thanked them all.

    Ayden Callaghan with his wife Sarah-Jane Honeywell and son Phoenix

    Ayden Callaghan with his wife Sarah-Jane Honeywell and son Phoenix

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    The English actor also was very grateful to Dr. Flood who was in charge of his wife's delivery, he said,

    "Thank you so much to Dr Flood who came in especially to take care of a tricky and early procedure because the little guy didn’t want to wait any longer".

    Honeywell's first son Phoenix is now 2 years old, and we are pretty sure that he will love to see his baby brother.

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