Award-winning chef Michael Symon has a wife, Liz Shanahan, but is still Rumored to be a Gay

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The show business is a weird place. Why? you ask. Well, first thing first - In this town, you are rumored to be gay so very often. Doesn’t that sound weird? Add to that, even when you have been married (seemingly) happily with a partner of the opposite sex for as long as anyone can remember, you can still be called a gay.

Meet Michael Symon, the award-winning chef, who has been under the scrutiny of the gay-dar. Symon has been married to Liz Shanahan for more than one and a half decade, and he still hasn’t gotten off as a straight guy.


my secret weapon & @clevelandbrowns new good luck charm!...Lizzie!

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So let us be sensible and not call this owner of several restaurants a gay unless some solid proof comes along. Not even a single news of him having an affair with a guy has ever surfaced; how on Earth was he suspected to be gay? The only plausible answer is- Hollywood is weird.

And now talking about our charming chef Symon, Liz Shanahan is not only his life partner but also his business partner. Shanahan has partnered her husband in his restaurant business.

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From Shanahan's previous marriage, Symon has a step son named Kyle. Kyle is now an adult. He is pursuing a music career.



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my two best friends!!

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Symon had revealed that when he and his wife met, Kyle was only two years old. And Symon shares a very intimate bond with his stepson. He also stated that food played a significant role in their bonding.

46 years of age Symon is often credited with helping to "save" the restaurant scene in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio by establishing his awesome restaurants in the Greater Cleveland area.

He is the chef and owner of a number of restaurant flagship Lola, Lolita, Mabel's BBQ and burger franchise The B Spot. Additionally, he owns Michael Symon's Roast (also known as Roast) in Detroit, Michigan.

On this height of success in his career, he probably doesn’t care about the rumors of him being gay. He is happy and content with his life.

Quick facts about Michael Symon:

Who is Michael Symon's wife?

Michael Symon's wife is Liz Shanahan.

Is Michael Symon gay?

Michael Symon is not gay.

Who is Michael Symon's step-son?

Kyle is the name of Michael Symon's stepson.