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Home Gossip Author of Diary of Stage Mothers', Melissa Francis happily living with her husband and children

Author of Diary of Stage Mothers', Melissa Francis happily living with her husband and children

Dilip Adhikari Thu Feb, 2017
Author of Diary of Stage Mothers', Melissa Francis happily living with her husband and children

We all must have seen Melissa Francis in After The Bell with David Asman in Fox Business network as a co-host (4-5 pm/ET) and you must know her a bit on the professional level, but how much do you know her in person. Did you know how Melissa Francis married husband Wray Thorn who leads Two Sigma’s Private Investment and Ventures? How did they meet?

But before that, did you know that Melissa Francis is also an author? Well, that’s a lot for a person to handle. Just think about it, baby, husband, journalist, actor, and author that’s too much. How does she manage all that? We will soon find out. Stay with us.

Melissa Francis and her husband Wray Thorn

Melissa and Wray had a very secretive long love affair and eventually tied their knot in the year 1997. When asked with Melissa in an interview about her marriage with Wray, she answered that she married him because Wray said Melissa’s feet aren’t ugly (as a joke).

Melissa Francis with her family

Melissa Francis with her family

Source: NYPOST

They married privately followed by a huge party, celebrating their happily married life. She has two kids with Wray Thorn. She took a break from the movie to give time to her children and only did a movie in 2009 titled Race to Witch Mountain and The Dictator in 2012. Let’s know who she gives most of her time to.

Melissa Francis and her children

Melissa has devoted her time very much to her children. She has two sons whom she loves with all her heart and also says that her sons are the most handsome guys in the whole world. Melissa and Wray have named their son Thompson Thorn (2007) and Greyson Alexander Thorn (2012).

Melissa with her kids

Melissa with her kids

Source:  New York Family

Both of her kids have started their schooling which is near their house. You might have heard or read about Melissa and Wray’s house, which she has mentioned and described to the whole world in an interview with US Weekly, and is titled as Melissa shows her beautiful Manhattan Condo.

Video: Melissa Francis: From Child Star to Fox Business Anchor - Media Beat 

Melissa Francis career in brief

Her acting career in television started since she was 6 months old. At her start, she appeared in a Johnson & Johnson shampoo commercial and was active as a child actress. Some of her movies are Scavenger Hunt(1979)Man, Woman, and Child(1983) and much more.

In her teen, she was seen in television movies and series like Bad Dreams a year in the life and ALF in 1988. Her journalism started with CNET as a correspondent for finance, technology, and consumer business. After that, she was an anchor for Fox Business Network. She is also an author of the book Diary Of Stage Mother’s.

Melissa's book

Diary Of Stage Mother's

Source: Psych Centra

Melissa has proven herself time and again. A good actress, great daughter, wife, mother of two, and a great author, Melissa has proved herself in every field and we hope she continues to entertain us and her family forever.