Australian Woman Shot Dead by police after Calling 911 to Report Sexual Assault

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Australian woman Justine diamond was shot by police after calling 911 to report a Rape and sexual assault happening in the alley next to her home on Saturday Night.

According to her fiancé Don Diamond, Justine was in her car in the drivers' seat, when she called the 911 on Saturday Night.The police arrived with their squad and the officer named Mohammed Noor who was seated on the passengers' seat opened fire at his forty-year-old Finance.

Australian woman shot by police

Image: Don Damond with his son and late fiance

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The attorney Tom Plunkett also confirmed that Noor had used his weapon that night.

Don's Son

Image: Don son Zach Damond comforts a woman

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Hundreds of people including her Neighbours and family Gathered outside her home to support the family.

Justin damond Shot dead by police

Image: Justin's Neighbours mourned at her death

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The bereaved Fiance and his family have been seeking further information from the police but they have failed to provide any explanation for what happened that night. He condemned the police blaming them for the death of his fiancé calling it to be a 'homicide'.

Australian woman killed by police

Image: Don Damond in tears

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On Monday, The  Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges called for investigations demanding answers immediately.

Officer Mohammad Noor

Image: Officer Mohammad Noor being Inducted by Somali-American Police Department

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 Feeling sorry for the tragedy she said:

''As mayor of our city, a wife, and a grandmother, I am heartsick and deeply disturbed by what occurred last night,' 

She further added 

I have the same questions you do, and ISH seek the same answers you seek,' said Mayor Hodges.
'This process is difficult, but I want to be sure we get this right.'