At the age of 38, Erica Ash still not married as rumors fly that she is single and has no boyfriend

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When we think of beauty with an amazing sense of humor, Erica Ash is the name that pops up in our minds. She is not only a very talented American actress and comedian but is also an outstanding singer and a professional model. 1977-born Erica has already seen 38 springs in her life, but she still has not found her prince charming yet.

picture: Charming Erica Ash



Gorgeous Erica seems to be a very secretive person. She has perfectly managed to keep her personal life out of the reach of media. That is why there is no information about her boyfriend and affairs. But, we are quite sure that she is not married and does not have any children because if she had then it would have come out in the limelight. Since she is a very famous celebrity, everyone wants to know about her love life but she has not revealed her relationship status yet. 

Due to her lack of involvement with men, people even thought that she was a lesbian. But, we cannot be sure of that either because she herself has never spoken about it in public. Maybe, she does not want any love controversies to hamper her career and image. In a few years, Erica will run in her forties. We think it is high time for her to think about her marriage, having a husband and kids. As we all know that nothing makes a life as complete as a family does, therefore, we suggest Erica to take this quote very seriously and get married really soon.



Erica was born in Florida, the United States of America in the year 1977. Her parents were in the military. She is an American and belongs to the black ethnical background. Her aim in life was to become a doctor in the early days. Due to this, she even joined a medical school but later she dropped it and went to Japan to pursue her career in modeling and singing.