Ashton Meem's Love Life After Her Separation with Husband Russell Wilson; Activity on Social Media

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    Ashton Meem is an American sensation best known as the ex-wife of NFL player Russell Wilson. The pair were in a years-long relationship which later became a marital relationship which did not have a very happy ending. After her split with the player, Meem has stayed away from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. 

    Meem was born on 6th September 1987 in Richmond, Virginia. The 30-year-old has a degree in B.A from NC State. Apart from the fame she received as the wife of the quarterback, there is not really much when it comes to her personal life and professional life. 

    Ashton Meem with ex-husband Russell Wilson

    Ashton Meem with ex-husband Russell Wilson

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    Nonetheless, here we are going to share some information about Ashton Meem's current relationship, her marital life and harsh split with ex-husband Russell Wilson. 

    Has Ashton Meem moved on? Who is she dating?

    Ashton officially divorced her, one and only, husband Russell Wilson back in 2014. After the split, there has been little to no information about the new life she is living. 

    In fact, she has gone completely underground and sources claim that she is working at an American Family Insurance Company

    Ashton Meem with her ex-husband's fan

    Ashton Meem with her ex-husband's fan

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    Speaking of her current love life and if she has moved on, it seems that she is having a hard time to do so. Initially, she did not even change her last name on her Twitter page but as of now, her account has been deleted. 

    Ashton Meem

    Ashton Meem

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    No reports have surfaced claiming that she is married to dating a new man so, it is safe to say that she is currently single and having a hard time moving on not only from her ex-husband but also from the life of a star-struck wife to a normal person. Or she might just be trying to focus on her career and make the best of what she has. 

    Ashton Meem relationship with ex-husband Russell Wilson and their divorce

    Ashton met Russell back when they were both in high school. Even though they did not study in the same school, their paths crossed anyways. They met a few times on the way and during parties and eventually started dating in 2006. 

    Ashton Meem with ex-husband Russell Wilson

    Ashton Meem with ex-husband  Russell Wilson

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    Meem is a year older than Russell and they dated throughout their high school and college years. According to sources, Meem even changed 4 colleges just to stay close to her beau while he changed colleges easily.