Alexis Sanchez accused of having too much sex with his girlfriend & wife

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All right it's not a shame to be physically involved with your partner but Alexis Sanchez must not have done so much that led him to such accusation. The Manchester United star striker was accused of having too much sex with his girlfriend. There also came the news of his wife leaving him.

The matches that Alexis Sanchez lost was also said to be the result of him having more sexual intercourse with his girlfriend before the night of the match. Furthermore, Alexis has also blamed to text the former Miss Chile behind his girlfriend back and asking to go out and even have an affair.

Alexis Sanchez and Lais Grassi

Alexis Sanchez and Lais Grassi

The blame that Alexis Sanchez was charged on was later admitted by him. Alexis also had the perfect explanation to get rid of all the questions that were asked when it comes to the loss of matches and about his girlfriend.

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Manchester United star striker Alexis Sanchez accused of having too much sex

According to the site Sports Grid, the Chilean tabloid paper, La Cuarta accused Alexis Sanchez of having too much sexual intercourse with his wife. "Apparently, the beautiful Laia Grassi is wearing on Sanchez, who plays forward for United, and is leaving him too tired to compete." As per Google Translate, the passage from the article given on this site it was quite funny, "The national front an extensive day of practice with the club and when he comes home, delicious Laia Grassi asks for his share of love."

The anger came when his now- former team Arsenal lost to Manchester United back in 2017, Alexis could hardly perform as he had too much sex with his married wife said, Pulse. It also added, "by all accounts, she has demanded regular 'action' following his on-field exertions and this combined work-out is beginning to take its toll!"

There also came the news of Laia Grassi and Alexis Sanchez breakup being confirmed which later said will lead to a reduction of Alexis's sexual activity. Soon after the news of this pair break up, Alexis was again accused of intent to commit infidelity with Camila Andrade who is a former Miss Chile.


Camila Andrade herself confirmed that the United player sent her different text asking her if she could come out with him on several occasions to which she ended up turning them all down.

She confessed, "Alexis invited me out for a meal while he was back in Chile preparing for the World Cup. I was between boyfriend at the time and it was the first time that he's asked if we could meet up."



Feliz cumpleaños a la mejor hermana del mundo!!! ???????? #mejornohay #happybirthday #bestsisterever #love

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Camila Andrade added, "I turned him down because he wasn’t my type and I knew that many of times he'd messaged me he was with his girlfriend and I liked that even less." The news of Alexis sending his solo picture being in Disneyland Paris was also revealed.

Though he was with his girlfriend Laia he didn’t mention about her but Camila shows a picture of both being together in a paper.

The player as of now is in a relationship with an actress Mayte Rodriguez

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