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Ariane De Vogue Biography

Ariane De Vogue

Facts of Ariane De Vogue

Quick Timeline of Ariane De Vogue

1985 Ariane as Actress
2014 Appeared on the TV Show
2010 Joined Twitter
2015 Joined CNN

Detail Timeline of Ariane De Vogue


Ariane as Actress

Actress Ariane de Vogue came to limelight with the movie "Sylvester" and TV show "At This Hour". In the year 1985, she starred in the film “Sylvester” as Ariane which was directed by Tim Hunter.


Appeared on the TV Show

De Vogue appearedA in the TV show "At This Hour" as reporter Ariane up to 4 episodes, the series was produced by Marie Malzberg and David Brown.  


Joined Twitter

Ariane de Vogue joined twitter in march 2010. She has got more than 6 thousand and seven hundred followers on twitter. She actively keeps in touch with her fan followers.


Joined CNN

All time famous journalist De vogue joined CNN served as a reporter, covering the Supreme Court and legal issues, chronicling everything from breaking news about the major ruling to the evolving politics of personality among the justice.


Before starting her career at CNN, Ariane was an investigative producer for ABC News, where she worked on the stories, behind the screens. There, Ariane covered several stories related to terrorism and the aftermath of September 11th; the presidential impeachment proceedings, campaign finance regulations and legal challenges during the national election. However, Ariane later left ABC news claiming the channel never credited her for her endeavors and joined CNN.

As of 2017, De Vogue is working as a reporter for CNN covering the supreme Court and legal issues. Besides, she also writes about the supreme court and legal issues covering all the breaking news spanning over the justice team and worldwide reporting. Along with this,  De vogue has covered the sudden death of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Antonin Scalia and the nomination of Judges Merricks garland and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and also the groundbreaking Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, health care, religious freedom, and abortion.

Talking about her personal life, De Vogue is the mother of two kids. However, she has not so far opened up about the father to her child or whether if she is married. Besides, she has also not so far been indulged in any kind of rumors regarding her affair or relationship status.

Talking about her economic aspect, she earns a salary around $88,270 annually as a journalist at CNN. Besides, her appearance as an actress in movies like Sylvester and At This Hour is the other source of income that adds up to her net worth.