Ariana Grande Has Terrifying Levels of PTSD In Her Brain Scan She Shares

Updated On 12 Apr, 2019 Published On

American singer Ariana Grande recently opened up about her mental health and shared an image of her brain scan that shows terrifying levels of PTSD. Well, it seems she is still affected by the Manchester bombing.

The 25 years old singer took to Instagram to share the image of brain scans that showed the effects of PTSD. Well, as the caption of the photo, she wrote, "Not a joke."

Scans CAPTION: Scans of Ariana Grande brain shows her high PTSD level SOURCE: Mirror

Well, the scans shared by the singer can definitely be an eye opener for many as Ariana has been suffering from it even two years after the attack in her concert in Manchester.

Ariana reportedly opened up about her mental health in an interview with British Vogue. Talking about the stress and anxiety she went through, the singer also admitted that the attack still has an effect on her.

I hate... yeah...admitting it but it very much is.

Moreover, the Into You singer also admits of feeling dizziness since the attack. She says,

That's what everyone was telling me. It's hard to talk about because so many people have suffered such severe, tremendous loss. But, yeah, it's a real thing. I know those families and my fans, and everyone there experienced a tremendous amount of it as well

Further, Ariana also went on to admit that the bombing is still a raw and emotional matter for her and its hard for her to not cry when she speaks about it. However, she hopes that time will heal all the things.