Prior to the 2019 festival, fans had renamed Coachella as Beychella following Beyoncé's performance at the festival. 

However, Ariana Grande fans titled 2019's event Aricella after she brought out special guests Nicki Minaj and N'Sync (featuring Justin Timberlake) during her performance.

Both females now hold prominent places in Coachella history as Beyoncé is the first black woman to headline the festival while Ariana is the youngest, but when news surfaced that the latter made twice as much as the former, fans of Beyonce raised questions.

Her fans took it to social media where they expressed surprise and displeasure after learning the difference in payments.

According to reports by Business Insider, Beyonce was paid about $4 million for her 2018, two-hour Homecoming show, which is now a Netflix documentary

However, this year, sources from Variety informed that Ariana Grande was paid $8 million for her performance.

Ariana sang her hit singles from all five of her albums and followed the same setlist for her Sweetener World Tour.