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Home Gossip Ari Melber talks about 'troubles' he had to face due to his girlfriend; are they in a relationship?

Ari Melber talks about 'troubles' he had to face due to his girlfriend; are they in a relationship?

Ashmita Karki Mon Aug, 2016
Ari Melber talks about 'troubles' he had to face due to his girlfriend; are they in a relationship?

MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is not only hard-working but also a very good-looking and charming man. Besides his successful professional life, the journalist has had ups and downs in his personal life.  He was in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend Drew Grant, who is a New York Observer’s pop culture reporter.

The couple got divorced in 2017 after sharing 3 years of marital relationship. As per reports, Ari has had quite troublesome experience with her. Let's learn more about their love affair and relationship. Just stay with us.

Ari Melber's Girlfriend gave his 'Scars': Their Love Affair And Relationship

When we said that Ari’s love life was troublesome, we did not say it completely out of assumption. Ari was actually caught posting about his pain on his Twitter account. He said, “Sometimes having a girlfriend means listening to "Scar's Song" on Saturdays” along with a hashtag #lionking.

If you have heard Scar song from the movie The Lion King, you will understand how much trouble he must have gone through, which made him compelled to post such a thing.

Video: Lion King Be Prepared

Let's move on to their marriage and divorce. 

Ari Melber's divorce with wife Drew Grant: Is He Dating Anyone?

Talking about their dating history, Ari and Drew met during a social event in 2010. It is said that they started dating soon after that and fell for each other due to their common interest.

Despite ups and downs in their relationship, Ari and Drew were on good terms and they lived together in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. They got married in 2014 in a private ceremony. 

Ari Melber

handsome Ari Melber

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Ari is just in his late-thirties but has gained tremendous success, respect, and fame in his life. He is a Cornel Law School graduate and his interest is mostly about legal matters. Drew is an Arts and Entertainment editor and is interested in celebrity gossips. Even though their field is different, they were believed to perfectly understand and support each other.

However, after a few years of their marital relationship, the couple got divorced.

Charming Ari Melber

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Their divorce was finalized in 2017. Ari is currently single and isn't into any committed relationship. The host is more focused on his professional career rather than his personal dating relationships. 

Updates: Ari Melber Dating New Girlfriend Alexandra Daddario

After a divorce with now ex-wife Drew Grant, The Beat host Ari Melber has found a new girlfriend. The handsome hunk is officially dating When We First Met actress Alexandra Daddario.

The couple was spotted together on a lunch date at Cuban restaurant Cafe Habana Malibu on Sunday. The duo seemed very much affectionate and was even seen kissing in their car after the lunch.

Check out the Twitter post here.

Well, now that they have officially claimed their love, we hope for their beautiful future.