Are Marlene Favela And Guy Davidyan Secretly Married? Know About Their Affairs And Relationship

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Marlene Favela is a Mexican actress. In American television, she is best known as Esmeralda/Sister Eva in the TV show Ugly Betty. In Mexican television, she is best known as Esmeralda in the TV show Zorro, La Espada y la Rosa. In 2013, she appeared as an award presenter at the Billboard Mexican Music Awards.

The gorgeous Marlene Favela is a renowned actress and is known to the world for her outstanding performance in the movies and TV series. Her beauty tends to attract tons of guys towards her but as known to us she has been in a relationship with just two guys. Currently, she is dating Guy Davidyan

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Marlene Favela is in a relationship with Guy Davidyan

Marlene is officially off the market people! Yes, heartbreaking news to her guy fans but she is romantically linked with a handsome man. Who is he? Let's figure it out.

He is none other than Guy Davidyan who is an Israeli actor best known for the 2010 movie El cartel 2 - La guerra total. Not only he is known as an outstanding actor but he is a renowned model as well.



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Marlene and Guy started their romantic relationship in 2012. The first time they laid their eyes on each other they fell in love and since their relationship is going pretty strong.

They had their first encounter in the year 2012 and soon after their first meeting, their romance sparked like anything else.



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Afterward, the couple started dating and went on numerous getaways and romantic dates. Their dates and hangouts really brought them closer and even now the love birds are immensely in love.

The pair is happy to be with each other and it's amazing how they have stayed for so long time. It seems like their relationship may turn into marriage. And it is quite possible the couple will be announcing their wedding soon.

Marlene Favela with her boyfriend Guy Davidyan

 Marlene Favela with her boyfriend Guy Davidyan

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Everyone has the past. In the same way, Marlene also had a bitter past which she went through and learned a lesson.

Marlene was engaged to Jorge Kahwagi

Favela is also known to have dated Jorge Kahwagi. He is a Mexican businessman, politician, and show business personality.

Their relationship began in the year 2007 and the media was all over this Mexican couple while they dated.

Marlene was previously engaged to Jorge Kahwagi

 Marlene was previously engaged to Jorge Kahwagi

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Their love affair was so intense that they even decided to go official about it. The pair later got engaged.

But their relationship did not work out and they split up in the year 2010.



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Maybe Marlene was destined to meet Guy and all for good she is happy with her current love.

Also do not forget to check out her video with her beau Guy!

Well, Marlene moved on with her life leaving behind her first love and loving her present with her beloved boyfriend Guy.

Let's wish her happy times to come.