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Home Gossip Are Eric Wareheim and girlfriend Liz Lee still dating? Are they married or only having an affair?

Are Eric Wareheim and girlfriend Liz Lee still dating? Are they married or only having an affair?

Ashmita Karki Thu Sep, 2016
Are Eric Wareheim and girlfriend Liz Lee still dating? Are they married or only having an affair?

Eric Wareheim is a renowned actor, comedian, musician, and director while his girlfriend Liz Lee is an actress. Wareheim and Lee are believed to be dating each other as it has not been long since this couple came out in public. However, we can say that they are not married yet. If they had then it could not be hidden from the media as both of them are famous TV personalities.

image: Eric Wareheim and Liz Lee


image: Wareheim and Lee

We do not know where this couple met and when they started dating. We believe that Wareheim is a mysterious person. When the rumor of Wareheim dating Lee came out in 2013, along with their photos, in which they were seen together, people were quite shocked. However, after that, not much news about this couple came out. In fact, even on Wareheim’s Instagram profile, he does not post any photos with Liz Lee. Quite shocking isn’t it? Well, it definitely is. But we think that Wareheim does not want public attention to hamper his relationship with Liz Lee. That’s why he is keeping the affair with her a secret.



image: Eric Wareheim

Before and after Wareheim and Lee’s relationship, Wareheim has not been linked with another woman. That’s why a lot of people believed that Eric Wareheim is gay. Even his Instagram profile shows that he has fewer girlfriends and guy friends.Thus, it is obvious for people to be suspicious about his sexual preference.




eternal sunshine of divorce

A photo posted by Eric Wareheim (@ericwareheim) on

Talking about Wareheim’s wife and children, he does not have any. His affair with Liz Lee seems to be limited only up to being lovers as he has not married her. But, Wareheim posted a picture-  with the caption 'Eternal sunshine of Divorce' -on his Instagram profile with a woman. However, people reacted saying this is fake and he just did that to become a talk among people. Even, we agree to it because if he had ever married then it would have obviously come into limelight. In fact, we believe that Wareheim has never married anyone in the past.



video : short Tim and Eric's 'The universe'


 Wareheim’s career is very glorious. Apart from his acting skills, he has directed many music videos for Polite Dance Song, The Youth, Wishes, Buffalo Stance to name a few. He also co-starred in Tim and Eric Billion Dollar Movie in co-direction with Heidecker.


He has been well appreciated and loved for his work. He has been nominated several times for his outstanding contributions. He has received awards such as Webby Award for Best actor for Tim and Eric team.

image: Eric Wareheim

Honestly, his fans not only wants to see his work only but also wants to see him falling in love with the right partner- be it Liz Lee or not. Even we agree to it. We honorably want to suggest Eric Wareheim to become serious about his life and think about getting married and start a family. But for now, all we want from Wareheim is to not keep his relationship with Liz Lee a secret and clear his fans' doubts.