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Home News Apple and Google Block Tik Tok in India

Apple and Google Block Tik Tok in India

Blueprince Wed Apr, 2019
Apple and Google Block Tik Tok in India

Multinational companies, Apple and Google have removed TikTok from their application stores in India, an app that allows their users to create and share videos.

This step was taken after a law was passed by the Madras High Court, which ordered TikTok's removal from app stores owing to reasons that it is being used to spread X-rated material.

The Madras Court order appealed to the federal government to ban TikTok on the basis that it encouraged explicit material.

The court is due to hear the case again on 22 April.

As reported by the local news, on the basis of the ruling by the court, India's Information Technology Ministry sent an order to Apple and Google asking them to remove the application from their online stores.

India's high court on Tuesday declined an appeal made by TikTok's owner, a Chinese company named ByteDance, to suspend the order.

TikTok has over more than 120 million users alone in India but has faced repeated criticisms from some for hosting adult content.

Popular amongst teenagers, it allows their users to post short videos of them lip-syncing and dancing to their favourite songs, as well as performing short comedy videos or completing challenges.

The cellular app is banned in Bangladesh and has been fined in the United States for illegally collecting information about children.

TikTok users in India who had downloaded the app on their phones were able to use the service till Wednesday.