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Home Gossip Anthony Rapp comes out as Gay, who is he currently dating? Know about his Affairs and Relationships

Anthony Rapp comes out as Gay, who is he currently dating? Know about his Affairs and Relationships

Sabina Gartaula Mon Dec, 2017
Anthony Rapp comes out as Gay, who  is he currently dating? Know about his Affairs and Relationships

Anthony Deane Rapp is an American film and stage actor as well as a singer best known for his portrayal of Lieutenant Paul Stamets in the TV series Star Trek: Discovery. As a stage actor, Rapp has played the role of Mark Cohen in 1996's Broadway and off-Broadway productions of Rent

On the big screen, the 46-year-old has appeared in movies like 2016's Bwoy, Bo You Take This Man and Opening Night. These are some of the movies in which he appeared on in 2016. Meanwhile, the actor cum singer, who has won 3 award and numerous nominations till date, has appeared on the stage of concerts with Adam Pascal, Telly Leung, Lindsay Mendez and many others. 


From a photo shoot during our junket.

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Today we are going to talk about the actor's sexuality, his most recent scandal and we will also find out if he is in a relationship or not. 

Is Anthony Rapp gay? His accusation against Kevin Spacey

Actor Anthony Rapp, with an estimated net worth of $2 million, is an openly gay man. However, Anthony considers himself primarily a homosexual man. According to him, he has had a loving relationship with both men and women so he prefers it more than being called a gay man. Nonetheless, he is proud of who he is and has no problem with being open about his sexuality.

Apart from him being homosexual, Anthony Rapp, recently in 2017, shared a 30-year-old incident that took place in his life during an interview with Buzzfeed.

Know More About The Accusation

In the interview, he shared that he was sexually abused by two-time Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey (who has been in numerous harassment controversies) in 1986. At the time, Rapp was just 14 whereas Spacey was 24. Rapp was invited to a party hosted by Spacey and at the end of the party, Spacey carried Rapp to his bedroom and tried to have sex with him. 

The intercourse did not really take place, but Rapp tried to take legal action but was told that there was no case worth pursuing. 

After the article was published, it went viral and soon enough Kevin Spacey posted an apology regarding the incident which, according to him, 'He does not remember' on Twitter. The actor even comes out as a gay himself through the tweet.

Despite the apology, Kevin has gained a lot of lash backs for his behavior which he showed almost 30 years ago. Even though Rapp has given his response and it seems like he has no hard feelings, other celebrities like Dan Savage are slamming the actor. 

Is Anthony Rapp dating someone? Is he single?

Rapp is very open about his sexuality. However, when it comes to the topic of his relationship or who he has dated, the man likes to keep his mouth shut. There is very little to no information regarding the actor's love life. 


Happy birthday to my love.

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However, on his Instagram page, we can find numerous pictures of the actor with a man named Teerakeni. The two seem like they are in a very loving relationship. In a picture featuring Teerakeni and a girl, Rapp captioned 'Family.' We are unsure if the pair adopted a child but if it is true, we wish them all the very best.



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So, we can say for sure that Rapp is currently in a relationship with a man named Teerakeni. We hope that he has gotten over the traumatizing sexual experience he faced as a child and that his relationship with his boyfriend gets better than ever.