Antawn Jamison: “It wasn’t difficult at all” playing against Kobe Bryant. How successful is he?

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Once Antawn Jamison started to put on a Lakers uniform, he quickly envisioned a couple of things.

He would at last win his first NBA title. The huge pay cut he took to land here on the veteran's base would turn into a commendable venture to delete any disappointment after never winning the best prize with additional net worth and increase salary in this age. Jamison would likewise turn into a solid part player, either as a starter or a store.

Jamison arrived at the midpoint of 9.4 focuses on 46.4 percent shooting and 4.8 bounce back, numbers that both supplemented his poor safeguard and denoted the second-most reduced measurable yield in his 16-year NBA profession. Jamison endured a torn ligament in his wrist that required off-season surgery. He even avoided his way out meeting with Lakers general chief Mitch Kupchak and D'Antoni before going separate ways by means of free organization.

Yes, Jamison experienced a lot of disappointments in his solitary season with the 2012-13 Lakers but was supported by his spouse whom he married after a long affair. In any case, none of it needed to do with his experience playing with Bryant.

Both records have said the two experienced strain all through the 2012-13 season for an excessive number of motivations totally. Bryant soon got to be chafed with Howard's good-humored identity, his disappointment at not accepting the ball inside, how he took care of misfortune and utilizing his surgically repaired back as a reason not to give his full exertion. Howard got to be disappointed with Kobe Bryant's reality, his high-volume shooting and scrutinizing his durability.

In any case, Jamison safeguarded Bryant, saying the Lakers' star frequently advised Jamison and his fellow team members not to be hesitant to request him to pass the ball. Jamison additionally said that Bryant's high-volume shooting demonstrated justified due to Steve Nash's drawn out harm, Howard's back restrictions and Pau Gasol's changed part under D'Antoni. Bryant likewise found the middle value of 27.3 focuses on 46.2 percent shooting and six helps with 38.6 minutes for each diversion through 78 challenges before tearing his left Achilles tendon in mid-April.