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Home Gossip Anna Wintour termed the most prominent example of a female boss for three decades and counting

Anna Wintour termed the most prominent example of a female boss for three decades and counting

Shreya Pokharel Fri Jul, 2016
Anna Wintour termed the most prominent example of a female boss for three decades and counting

Repeating her Prada dresses, and having that hairstyle for almost 15 years, Anna Wintour has more shades than thought. Anna, who is a high school dropout, has her career graph going up and down since she was once even fired from the magazine Harpers Bazaar for not being able to understand the American Market. The people surely regret their decision now. For now, Anna is the editor in chief of the most successful magazine Vogue, and she has been in this business for more than three years and people still want only her to do that.

She is one of those rare ladies who earn 2 million dollars per year as her salary; so we can just imagine what her net worth is going to be. If calculated, her net worth is around 35 million dollars. Yes, this single lady earns that much for herself and her clothing allowance is a whopping 200k dollar per year.

A very early riser, Anna is a British-American, and the daughter Charles Wintour landed in her job quite young and revived the magazine Vogue completely in 1988. Doing this was thought to be a mistake by many of the publishing houses, but then it was all a-once-upon-a time story as soon Vogue became iconic in the fashion market. As for Anna, she is widely popular as she has set up a benchmark in doing the job. Undoubtedly, she has leveled up the market. Look at the cover below and decide the buzz and stir that happened in the market when this happened back in 1988.

Anna, whose age now is 66, was previously married to David Shaffer, however, the two of them had a divorce in 1999. If reports are to be believed, David found out that Anna was having an affair with some other guy who is speculated as Shelby Bryan. Since 2004, She has been in a relation with Bryan, who is a businessman of Texas.

From her marriage with David, she has two kids. A son named Charlie Shaffer, who is a doctor by profession, and Bee Shaffer. Bee Shaffer is seen attending her mother’s high profile events many times, but Charlie rarely makes media appearances.

The editor, also known as Atomic Lady, having a height of 5 feet and five inches, has many biopics made on her life.The September Issue, The Devil wears Prada are some of the examples in which she is kept as the main focus.

The main reason for Anna being so victorious in her professional career is that she works on routines and timings, and has everything planned. They say time and tide waits for no one and in order to be successful, you better follow that. Guess what? Anna is incredibly punctual and rather waits for a person than being late for a meeting. Lesson learnt. An amazing dancer too, Anna has now been in the business for years as the successful boss, and she deserves every respect and moolah for it as the lady is so good at whatever she does.