Angry Florida Woman Throws a 10-month-old Against a Wooden Fence

Updated On 13 May, 2019 Published On

A woman from Florida allegedly threw her 10 months old baby against a wooden fence in anger because the kid wouldn’t stand up, police reported.

Further, police reported that the 25 years old woman Natalee Sesler also threw a metal rake at her 10-month-old child.

Well, according to WTSP-TV, Sesler has been charged with aggravated assault, child neglect, child abuse, resisting a police officer without violence and violating probation.

It was when Sesler was visiting a man at the spot of the incident that she threw the child. However, she missed the rack she tossed at the child after which she picked up the kid by the leg and tossed him into a chair.

An eye witness Shannon Wixon who was outside with her daughter told FOX 13 News of the incident.

They came running into the house and they told me, 'There's a lady over here that just threw her baby against the wall, I came out and looked behind the fence of apartment one, and that's when I'd seen the lady sitting there and her child was laying over a lawn chair, hanging upside down pretty much, screaming, crying, She was just sitting there not doing anything.

Following the incident, Sesler was attempting to board a nearby bus when she was caught by the police, FOX 13 News reported.

Police have confirmed that the baby who suffered a small bruise and swelling near one eye has been handed over to other members of the family after being treated in a hospital.

While Sesler has been charged with a severe crime, police have assumed that drugs may be the reason behind her insensitive behavior.