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Home News Angelique Cabral and Husband Jason Osborn Schedule Sex

Angelique Cabral and Husband Jason Osborn Schedule Sex

Mahammad Arsad shekh Thu Dec, 2018
Angelique Cabral and Husband Jason Osborn Schedule Sex

Opening up some secrets! Angelique Cabral knows how hard it is to make her marriage a priority while raising her child, daughter Adelaide Grace Osborn, 14-months.

The Life in Pieces star attended 29Rooms’ Opening VIP Night on Tuesday, December 4, at The Reef in Los Angeles, where she exclusively told Us Weekly,

"We try to have date night once a week and we try to schedule sex so that we schedule our intimate time".

She added, "We, like, put it in [the books] so that we make sure that we don’t lose our adult time."

The actress, 39, who tied the knot with film composer Jason Osborn on July 20, 2013, also told the publication how her relationship with her husband has taken a turn since giving birth to Adelaide in September 2017.

She explained,

We rely on each other a lot, but I would say that our relationship has just changed in that it’s, like, more fleeting, but you just have to schedule it and make it a priority. So we’re learning to do that and it’s great.

Angelique then said, for new parents, a healthy sex life is "the first thing to go, honestly".

She told the outlet,

It’s the first thing that kind of goes by the wayside. Babies are amazing, but they aren’t all of you, so we’re just trying to find that happy medium. So there’s a lot of morning canoodling and in the afternoon, when she’s sleeping, that’s a very popular time.

Angelique then went on to say that she will have another baby so that she could give her daughter a sibling soon.

She said, "[We’re] not officially [trying] yet, but last month, I was like, ‘Am I pregnant?’ I totally thought I was pregnant", adding, "I had a scare. But not yet. I think I want to wait until she’s 2, but we’re not not trying."

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