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Home Gossip Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt: What Is The Whole Story?

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt: What Is The Whole Story?

Navin shah Sun Jan, 2019
Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt: What Is The Whole Story?

American actress Angelina Jolie and her relationship with Brad Pitt was one of the most hyped up relationships in the Hollywood film industry. Despite the fact that the couple spent just a couple of years as a married couple, it proved to be quite a compelling one for both media and fans. 

Further, their sudden divorce came out as a shock for everyone. Well, here, we have unraveled all the untold mysteries about their marriage and divorce. 

Was it Jolie’s fault?

It wasn't loved at first sight. Hollywood actors remember how they couldn't stand each other once they met. Angelina thought Brad was arrogant. While he called her childish and self-centered. However, they managed to find common ground while filming criminal comedy Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Harmless flirtation transformed into a secret romance.

The fact that those two were in love was genuinely shocking for Brad’s wife at the time, Friends star Jennifer Aniston. Insiders say she was the one who wanted to work on their marriage and have kids with Brad.

Tabloids published a few pieces on Aniston’s miscarriage while she was married to Pitt. The "Sexiest Man Alive" wasn’t interested in making it work any longer. Hollywood golden couple, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston gave an official statement to journalists after their divorce:

“This decision is the result of much thoughtful consideration. We happily remain committed and caring friends with great love and admiration for one another”.

CAPTION: Brad Pitt with his first wife Jennifer Aniston SOURCE: dailymail

The mystery around the Baby Question of Brennifer remained unsolved.

What do they keep in secret?

Angelina Jolie was divorced twice in 2005 when they started dating with Brad Pitt. Fans expected it to be just a fling between two actors. However, the couple didn’t give any comments to the press after Angelina was highly criticized by the public. She was accused of Brad’s divorce and even Jennifer’s miscarriage.

3 years before Angelina met Brad on the set, she adopted her first child. Maddox Chivan, 1-years old orphan from Cambodia. Angelina and her ex-husband Thornton announced the adoption together. However, after they divorced she decided to raise Maddox alone. The decision to adopt the second child from Ethiopia was made by Jolie and Pitt together in 2006. Six-month-old baby-girl Zahara was left by her biological mom due to her morbidity.

CAPTION: Angelina Jolie with a child SOURCE: Variety

Hollywood initially believed that Brad Pitt wouldn't be interested in the parenting process. Pitt proved otherwise when he adopted Maddox and Zahara. Angelina changed kids’ surnames to Jolie-Pitt.

CAPTION: Brad Pitt attends an event SOURCE: The Sun

It was the time when public finally believed in serious intentions of the couple. Press created a new brand and called it ‘Brangelina.’

Giving birth in Africa

Jolie admitted that Brad changed her beliefs fundamentally. Before meeting him, she couldn’t think of getting pregnant. However, he was there for her as she recalls. The screen idols didn’t want to be followed by paparazzi when Angelina finally got pregnant.

The press predicted their first daughter to be the most beautiful girl in the world. Photo-journalists even tried to photoshop the portrait of Brangelina’s future child. Tabloids couldn’t get enough of this topic. Everyone wanted to get exclusive information about Jolie’s first biological kid. Journalists were digging very deeply just like experts from write my essay service.

The couple didn’t want unwanted attention and decided to hide in a private hospital in...Namibia! Jolie shared her thoughts on this country later. Saying, it is a beautiful country, but she was shocked by standards of it. She mentioned that she had a chance to give birth to her baby-girl Shiloh in Namibia only because she could afford it. The exclusive photo of Jolie’s first biological child was sold to People and Hello magazines for 3.5 million in total. Hollywood family announced that this amount of money was entirely donated to UNICEF organization.

Peaceful Sky or a new kid?

After giving birth to Shiloh Jolie said in an interview that she wished to adopt more children. As she said, traveling the world and looking for family is indeed an adventure. In a year she made her dream come true and adopted a three-year-old orphan from Vietnam. The child was named Pax Thien. In the Vietnamese language, it means “peaceful sky.”

Who cut the cord?

The legendary couple was very productive in their acting career in 2007-2008. However, being known as famous parents of Hollywood, they decided not to give up on an idea of having a big family. 2008 was a year when Jolie confirmed that she was pregnant again. This time with twins. Hollywood was in anticipation of seeing new babies. So, the couple was forced to travel to a seaside hospital in Nice, France where Jolie gave birth to twins. Brad Pitt was with her at Maternity House and even cut the cord.

The screen idols went through a lot together. Brad was there for Angelina when she struggled with anorexia and sudden death of her mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand. He supported her when she decided to undergo a preventive double mastectomy. In 2006 couple established charity foundation called “Jolie-Pitt Foundation” to help orphans and refugees.

Living a lie?

In April 2012 after 7 years of being together, actors finally announced about their engagement. However, Brad Pitt decided not to hurry with it. He said he wouldn't marry Angelina until same-sex couples are able to do the same in the U.S. Regardless Brad’s statement they did get married in France in 2014. The only year later all states were required to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The happiness of being with 6 kids and a beautiful wedding didn’t help to save a relationship of Brangelina. Insiders saw that couple started fighting very often. Jolie and Pitt couldn't agree on many topics. Also, Angelina was very annoyed with Brad smoking marijuana.

CAPTION: Brad Pitt And former wife Angelina Jolie ramp walk SOURCE: Variety

Jolie and Pitt had a chance to rescue their marriage. In 2015 right before splitting up the couple worked on the set together. Romantic drama, By the Sea, was written and directed by Jolie. Insiders say it was a projection of their own issues.

The fight is not over

After two years of marriage, Jolie files for divorce.

The Jolie-Pitt family had an incident on a private plane. Brad was annoyed that children were too loud and wanted them to calm down. As Jolie stated, he screamed at children and tried to affect them physically. At the moment, Brad is losing this battle. He was accused of being a bad father in the press.

As you can guess, Jolie was the first who went public with speaking on this topic. It happened right before Brad’s Pitt movie Allied was released. It seems like a good strategy because Brad plays the husband of Marion Cotillard in the film. Fans of Brangelina wouldn't enjoy watching Brad making love to another woman than Jolie even in the movie. Such damage to Brad’s reputation can be beneficial to Angelina.

Brad was accused of being a drug addict, having love affairs with actresses and being violent to his children. Despite this, he still can see his children once a week. The fight of the most beautiful couple of Hollywood is not over. Fans hope that one day Jolie and Pitt will forgive each other and be together again. Their children would appreciate it.