Angela Raiola struggle for fighting cancer. Her current health stage and career story.

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Angela Joyce Raiola is more famous because of her nick name Big Ang as an American TV personality. She lived with drug dealers in the Genovese Crime family. She had her one's breakout star, VH! Gave her her own reality show Big Ang, which evolved into Miami. Riola had two schildren, Raquel and Anthony (AJ) Donofrio. She has been married to Neil Murphy in 2009. She has sold drugs and charged  fifteen defendants indictedand later convicted for their roles in the narcotics operation, which distributed crack cocaine, powdered cocaine and marijuana in Brooklyn and Manhattan. She had fifften dedendants indicted in the drug cas, nine were sentenced to probationThe other received prison terms ranging from 33 to 151 months. 

She experienced a pain in her throat, and doctor diagnosed with cancer. In April 2015, the tumour and lymph nodes on the lft side of her neck were removed. Though she was thought to be cancer permanently cured, the cancer retuned. Through later medical examination it ewas revealed that cancer had affected her brain and lungs. By January 2016, the tumors had were no longer reacting to the chemotherapy and it continued to grow to other parts of the body.  It is because of her bad habbit of smoking for past forty years. Rioala died with her familu attendance on February 18, 2016 in the New York City. She had the presence of husband, Neil Murphy, her children; and six grandchildren.

She had the honor of public viewing and was laid to rest in Ferbruary 22.  We don’t know about her married life whether she has boyfriend or girlfriend. She was neither divorced nor had any affairs. Due to her throat cancer, she suffered badly and her illness was untreatable. Her cancer was untreatable due to life long smoking. She will be always remembered for her reality show Mob Wives.