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Home News Openly Gay Andrew Rannells Lost Virginity To Man, 40, At Age 16

Openly Gay Andrew Rannells Lost Virginity To Man, 40, At Age 16

Mahammad Arsad shekh Wed Mar, 2019
Openly Gay Andrew Rannells Lost Virginity To Man, 40, At Age 16

Andrew Rannells, the Girls actor who is openly gay, lost his virginity at the age of 16 to a 40-year-old man, has confirmed.

In his new memoir, Too Much Is Not Enough, the Girls star, now 40, opened up about his teenage years when he was growing up in Omaha, Nebraska before making it big on Broadway.

He revealed his exploration of his homosexuality had already begun with a man more than twice his age. He wrote in his biography that he met the man through a theater group.

He wrote, "It was 1995, I was 16 years old, and I thought I knew it all," adding, "I saw an opportunity and decided to go for it. Sex seemed very far away."

He then went on to explain about his sexual acts with the man, 40, writing,  "I trusted him and I believed that this was safe and somehow blameless".

He continued, "Once a certain level of touching was reached, everything came together rather quickly."

Rannells said that one day, he "snuck off" to see the man.

The actor wrote,

Clothes started to come off, and that felt even more wrong/exciting. I wasn’t attracted to him, but it was a man’s body and a mouth and I had never experienced either.

Andrew then wrote that he did not love the man who took his virginity and thus, he struggled for more than a year to get him to leave him alone.

He reflected,

I continued to have sex with this man but tried to avoid him as much as possible. I tried to make excuses about why I couldn’t see him, but he would eventually wear me down and I would agree to spend time with him.

Andrew said that it has been 20 years since he saw the man for the last time. He also admitted that he gets afraid to run into him when he visits his hometown Nebraska.

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