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Home Gossip Ana de la Reguera's sexy images are unbearable. Is she hot enough?

Ana de la Reguera's sexy images are unbearable. Is she hot enough?

Shristy Nepal Wed Mar, 2016
Ana de la Reguera's sexy images are unbearable. Is she hot enough?

Ana de la Reguera, the Mexican stunner, is the most well-known actress in her land. Born as the daughter of Miss veracruz in 1996, Ana began her acting career with her role in the telenovela Azul which gave her the Heraldo award for best female acting. Her big highlight on the television screen was in 2000, after playing the role Maria on the film Por la libre The actress had other appearances on some big hits too Un Secreto de Esperanza, Black List, , Jane the Virgin, Cop Out is just a short list. She has a net worth of $2 million. Ana is famous for her sensual bikini photo shoots in the popular fashion magazines, and was voted into the top ten sexy female celebrity lists repeatedly.

Throughout her career, Ana had a lot of affairs with some hotties including number of high profile boyfriends from celebrities to politicians. The Mexican actor Erick Elias was her first boyfriend. The couple started dating in 2004 after meeting on the set of telenovela 'Gitanas'. After 12 months of date, they split up in 2005 for no reason. She was also romantically involved with the divorced journalist Jorge Ramos and had a long-term relationship with him, precisely from 2005 to 2010. They started a lot of charitable foundations together to help immigrants in US. Jorge but was dumped by Anna as Jorge was found cheating on her with several women .Broken heart heals, Anna started seeing Tomas Ruiz Gonzalez but she turned him down after the marriage proposal. Not taking much time in quibbling on her tragedy, the actress dated young Diego Bonetta. Anna’s mesmerizing beauty was a little too overwhelming to Diego who made the same mistake as Tomas and was dumped. She stated that Diego was too childish to maintain a stable relationship.

Currently, the actress is in a serious relationship with Chef Mario Carbone who has already introduced her to his parents. Some resources say that she was secretely married to the chef.  They certainly looked like a happy couple” was Tweeted on by a close friend , Friday (March 18). It isn't sure if he was referring to the supposed wedding. It's a secrete till the date since the actress's representative have given not comment on the topic.