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Home Gossip Ana Cabrera married her boyfriend Ben. Know about her married life and children

Ana Cabrera married her boyfriend Ben. Know about her married life and children

abhilasha Thu Dec, 2016
Ana Cabrera married her boyfriend Ben. Know about her married life and children

Ana Cabrera the well-known journalist besides her successful professional life is also having a great married life. She has already tied a knot with Ben who is her long-term boyfriend. Ana and husband Ben after having long martial years are also blessed with beautiful children in their life. 

Ana Cabrera is a family person. She loves spending quality time with all of her family members including her dog. Her love for traveling has made her more close to her husband as he also seems to be enjoying it. She frequently goes traveling and makes updates on her social sites. 

Ana Cabrera's married life and children

Talking about Ana's personal life she is a very happy woman with children. Ana is married to her long-term boyfriend Ben and has two children with him. Looking at Ana's facebook page she constantly keeps on posting tons of pictures of her life partner Ben and two children. 

Ana Cabrera

Ana with her hubby has a son and a little baby girl. Ana announced the news of expecting their second child in August 2015 through her facebook.Husband Ben with wife Ana Cabrera and children currently resides Ana's hometown Denver, Colorado. The main reason why Ana and her family live Denver is because her job located there. 

Ana is a very adventurous lady who loves to take her family to see new places. If you scan through her facebook id you can see her timeline full of family photos being in different places every time. She constantly posts her pictures of the full family.

Being a very passionate person about her family as mentioned in her facebook we can also see many of her family celebration. Recently there was a post of Ana celebrating her mother's 60th birthday where she is very close with her mom and her sister.  


Por fin la conocí ?? La sobri consentida ?? #YouCanCallMeAuntie #BabySkylar

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When Ana isn’t in her work she enjoys spending time with her son and daughter and Ben. She also has a golden retriever named Lola who is full of life. She is also interested in many other things like hiking, running, reading, cooking and playing family games.


Husband Ben is very much supportive from every aspect in Ana's life. In one of the interview, Ana said she has been experiencing the best family life ever as her companion is the loveliest and most encouraging person of her life. Whatever Anna has dreamt about it has all been fulfilled by her husband Ben. 

Ana Cabrera, in addition, is involved in many social works. She has been serving on the board of the American Cancer Society and volunteering weekly in the Rose Medical Center Cancer Resource Center. The involvement of Ana in curing cancer raised since John her brother battled brain cancer at the early age of 10 and survived.