Ana Brenda Contreras finally came with decision of divorce to Alejandro Amaya ending their love life

Updated On 04 Apr, 2016 Published On

Ana Brenda Contreras is finally to a decision giving divorce to Alejando Amaya and saying him with titled Ex- Husband. Ana who is 28 years running in her age reveals that she is not much happy with their married life and she no more wish to live with him. According to her it feels like being as a bullfighter of being bisexual and their married life was not sure to go for a long term as soon as they were spotted being married. In March 2013, they got married but in the early times they were seen to be happy but later on their conflict started.

Ana is not much open about her husband sexuality but she stated took a big step after he divorced from his first woman. According to Ana it was a difficult stage in her life but now she feels better after getting separated. Ana is silent of getting married again and she thinks she will remain single in rest of her life by now. Ana and Alejando met for the very first time in a private event and they started getting closer but this was not just a usual end rather it gave the result to marry each other.

Ana is also currently featuring herself in social media and with exposing her single life being happy. In fact, she is having her fabulous time with her friends and family. Ana is highly featured in Instagram where she is seen with her excellent pictures over there. She loves partying a lot and in her weekend. Ana is very determined and she thinks being single is most relaxing life rather than being in a relationship. Ana is planning her new trip to Switzerland where she wants to spend her amazing time with her crazy friends. Waiting for you pictures over there soon Ana!