Amy Matthews married with Aaron Doering. Is she getting a divorce or dating anyone?

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Amy Matthews the famous host and licensed general contractor is married to husband Aaron Doering who is a great American scholar. Amy and her long-term boyfriend Aaron are happily living together since the time they got married. And yes what about the news of this pair getting divorced or is Amy dating anyone?

Amy Matthews and Aaron Doering dated for quite a long time before getting married. This couple seems to be very much attached to one another. We can see them making a tour for research with each other many times. This couple also is blessed with a son and is a happy family of three.

Amy Matthews and husband Aaron Doering

Amy Matthew and Aaron Doering are living together as a happy couple since a long time. As per the sources, they dated for quite a while before they tied a knot. Amy and Aaron are currently having a very blissful life with a son.

Caption: Amy Matthews and Aaron Doering

Amy's husband Aaron Doering is a great American educator, public speaker, explorer and adventure learning pioneer. He is involved in the University of Minnesota as a university lecturer and is also a co-founder and director of the Learning Technologies Media Lab. Aaron Doering has been involved in many areas of the University of Minnesota.

Are Amy Matthews and Aaron Doering getting divorced?

Looking Amy Matthews' social site posts, the word divorce can hardly be thought. No one can ever imagine this lovely pair getting separated from each other. Both are a great traveler and have the keen interest in research. They have been in numerous places together and in Amy's page, we can see several pictures of them.

In one of the post of Amy Matthews she has traveled to Barcelona, Spain for a research. They traveled to Europe and researched Barcelona's Solar House 2.0, which they subjected to be an unusual structure with multiple rooflines. Their research location was in Villa Olympica and both seem to accompany each other where ever they go.

Caption: Amy Matthews and husband Aaron Doering

In one of the interviews to Midwest Home Magazine's, Amy Mathews has talked about how she loves renovation and even loves doing the work with her husband Aaron Doering. She did the remodeling of a 1997 rustic rambler on the St. Croix Bluffs in Wisconsin.

Amy Matthews does everything in a very serious way. The 1997 rustic rambler that she built, she called that to be her baby. Amy explains the work to be good and relaxing as it was part of her life with is directly related to her lovely hubby and her dearest son.


From the time this couple got married, there can hardly be found any news of the duo's rumors of divorce. Their love life is going smooth and steady as they got each other back. And we also wish to see them happy forever as they are now. 

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