Amy Klobuchar Believes Obama to be The Reason For Booming Economy, Not Trump

Updated On 06 May, 2019 Published On

A recent job report in the United States has shown the lowest Unemployment rate in 50 years. And as obvious, major authorities have credited Donald Trump for all the growth and booming economy in the United States. However, the United States Senator Amy Klobuchar thinks otherwise.

Instead of Trump, Sen. Amy Klobuchar accredits the former president Barack Obama for all the accomplishment. She gave credit to American workers, businesses and Mr. Obama when asked about the reason for the booming economy. She said,

You know what I’m thinking about, I’m thinking about when we were in that downturn, and President Obama came into office and he had to deal with that with the Congress to try to one, right the financial industry, and two, and get us on the road to recovery, I remember that the Republicans were giving him grief when he took any credit for that. So I think that we have had policies in place starting with President Obama that have aided that recovery.

As per the report, the unemployment rate has decreased to 3.6 percent, the lowest since 1969, along with increased wages and about 260,000 new jobs.

Well, Amy's answer came in response to CNN host Jake Tapper's question where he asked,

Unemployment is the lowest it’s been since I was nine months old. You’re really not going to give President Trump any credit for that in terms of his tax cuts, his deregulation, or anything he’s done?

While the views on the matter differ from person to person, the soaring economy coming during the presidency of Trump and all the reforms made by him is definitely going to be a huge support for him in the upcoming presidential election.

And if the data from the Associated Press, no president has lost reelection in a growing economy since World War II.