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Amy Bruni Biography

Amy Bruni

Facts of Amy Bruni

Height: 5 Feet 6 Inch
Name Amy Bruni
Ethnicity White
Profession Producer, Television Personality
Working For Atlantic Paranormal Society
Net Worth $800 thousand
Salary $73,477.
Eye Color Brown
Face Color White
Affair with No
Boyfriend Jim
Girlfriend N/A
Married No
Married to N/A
Children Yes
Divorce No

Quick Timeline of Amy Bruni

2016 Started playing in the series Kindred Spirits
2007 Career
2012 Baby Daughter

Detail Timeline of Amy Bruni

October 21 , 2016

Started playing in the series Kindred Spirits

Amy Bruni started starring in one of her famous series 'Kindred Spirits' on October 21, 2016. However, before starting in the show, she was a star at another popular program 'Ghost Hunters.'



In 2007, Amy became the part of TAPS team on the East Coast and served as the team's researcher. While she was not busy in her job, she used to travel to colleges and visit paranormal teams.

October 11 , 2012

Baby Daughter

Amy Bruni lives with her long-term boyfriend Jim. They have already been engaged but are not married yet. the couple has a beautiful daughter together, Charlotte who was born on October 11, 2012. 


Amy Bruni is a co-star as well as an executive producer of TLC’s hit paranormal series ‘Kindred Spirits,' call upon over 20 years of investigation experience to support people reclaim their lives and homes from the mysteries of the unknown. Amy’s passion is to help other and this passion came together with her love for paranormal exploration after she rejoined Adam Berry.

Amy Bruni Early Life, Education

Amy Bruni is a perfect example of someone who turned her hobby into a passion. Amy grew up in a haunted house; her father was an amateur paranormal investigator.

Amy along with his dad routinely investigate haunted sites. She was interested in paranormal research since her childhood. When she was young, she used to read everything that was ghostly and she loved to listen to late night Art Bell.

Amy Bruni Career

After years of investigation on her own, Amy finally joined a paranormal team in Sacramento, CA. And with time, her spiritual knowledge drew the attention of Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes of the Atlantic Paranormal Society.

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry together formed a paranormal powerhouse, which aimed to help families in crisis and finds answers from the world beyond the veil. Amy is a producer and an actress of the series ‘Kindred Spirits.'

She starred in this series started from 21st October 2016. Before ‘Kindred Spirits,' Amy was a star of another popular paranormal program, ‘Ghost Hunters,’ which also featured CM Punk and Mike Rowe and was hosted by Josh Gates. Back in 2008, she traveled the country by exploring the most haunted locations in America when she was working as the team’s historical researcher.

Back in 2007, Amy became the part of TAPS team on the East Coast and served as a team’s researcher. She has more than 20 years of experience, studying the paranormal. When she’s not working, she usually travels to colleges and visits paranormal teams.

After seven years of the show, she started her own paranormal travel company ‘Strange Escapes.' Her passion for the travel flourished as she invited lovers of mystery and travel to try their hand at investigating some of the country’s most infamous haunts. It included the MT Washington Hotel, Manresa Castle, and Queen Mary.

Amy Bruni Marriage, Affair, Children

Amy currently lives in southeastern Massachusetts with her fiancé Jim. The couple also has a daughter together Charlotte.

Their child was born on 11th October 2012. She posted a picture with her daughter on her Instagram in June 2016.

Is Amy Bruni Married? If yes, who is her husband? 

Although Amy is a mother to a child, she is not married yet, however, she is said to share a good relationship with her boyfriend Jim. The two have not explained if they have any plans to get married in the future.

Amy Bruni Net Worth

The family has a boisterous basset hound whose name is ‘Zoe.' The dog breed costs over $1000 in the United States. This means that Amy is living a pretty luxurious life earning a healthy sum of money.

She has over 90,000 followers on Instagram and 190,000 followers on Twitter. Amy has an estimated net worth of $800 thousand. Likewise, she earns an annual salary of $73,477.

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