Amy Baier Biography

Published On Nov 19, 2016

Amy and Bret got married in 2004 . Before they got married their friends had set them up for a blind date in 2001 , september 11 at Rolling Stone concert . They now have two children named Daniel ad Paul . A decade and more have passed and their married life is going well and there are no plans to seperate.

 Her ethnicity is white .

After two days Paul was born , he had cardiac problem and  soon had an open heart surgery in 2008 . It took great courage for both the parents to deal with such situations . Upon hearing that news President George W . Bush had Paul visit the White House and the White house physician update and check on Paul's progress. 

After Paul got a surgery and had been saved Amy has been involved with different Charity.

Amy's net worth is not known however her husband's net worth is  $16 million .


Amy Baier

Amy Baier facts on timeline

Amy and Bret married


Amy and Bret had married in 2004 after they met in 2001 , September 11 . Their friends had set them up for a blind date and were sure they would like each other . They first met at Rolling stone concert .

Amy Currently


Amy has two sons and is  married happily . In 2008 one of her son got an open heart surgery and it was a success . After that she is involved in many charity programs. She has a Roman Catholic Faith and attends the Holy Trinity.

Were set on a blind date.


Beautiful couple , Amy Baier and Bret Baier met on a blind date . Their friends had set them up on a blind date . They were quite confident that Amy and Bret would like  each other . They went to Rolling stone concert in september 11 and got were married in after three years of knowing each other 

Paul got a surgery


After Bret and Amy married in 2004 they had two sons Paul and Daniel . Right after Paul was born he had to undergo open heart surgery . It took great courage for Amy and Paul to deal with this situation . President George W.Bush had Paul visit the Whit House Physician .