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Home Gossip American YouTuber Rachel Levin: Learn about her boyfriend and affairs

American YouTuber Rachel Levin: Learn about her boyfriend and affairs

Jharna Prasai Fri Jan, 2017
American YouTuber Rachel Levin: Learn about her boyfriend and affairs

Do you have small baby girls at your home who are fond of funny fantasy videos and makeup tutorials? Does that give you a lot of trouble in handling them? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. Take your mobile or laptops and search for RCLBeauty on Youtube and let your daughters watch the videos of the channel.

RCLBeauty is the official YouTube page of the famous YouTuber, Rachel Levin. The 23 years old YouTuber started her channel in 2010 with her first video, How to Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles and today as over 13 million subscribers and 3.8 million followers on her Instagram account. 

Rachel was once rumored about her affair with Isaac Nakash. What's the truth hidden behind the rumor? Is the pair really dating each other? Does Rachel have any other boyfriend? Read the full article to know about her boyfriends and affairs.

Is Rachel dating boyfriend Isaac Nakash?

Rachel has a well-maintained face and body and also looks very pretty that gives us the obvious hints about her one-sided lovers. If you think Rachel may have a boyfriend then you are not totally wrong because Rachel was once in a long-term relationship with Isaac Nakash.

Rachel and her boyfriend Isaac

 Rachel and her boyfriend Isaac

Source: YouTube

Isaac Nakash is also a YouTuber and social media personality who got into the fame by his formal girlfriend, Rachel. He has 559K followers on his Instagram account and 1.4 million YouTube subscribers in his YouTube Channel,

Video: Rachel uploaded a video with her former boyfriend, Isaac. My New Boyfriend Tag!

Rachel and Isaac started dating each other in 2013 and were together for 3 years. The couple together has uploaded many videos on Rachel's youtube channel. (Updated: All those videos posted on YouTube are now deleted; as the pair has already broken up.)

Why did Rachel and Isaac break-up?

Rachel and Isaac once made the decision to marry each other in the future and were together in a relationship for three years. The couple was very happy with each other. Then what happened between the couple that they broke up in November 2016?

On 21 November of 2016, Rachel tweeted two pictures of her separation with Isaac Nakash. She posted those pictures dedicating to her fans who were curious about her break up. Rachel mentioned in one of the two photos that the couple broke up due to some of their misunderstandings and have mutually agreed to separate.

She tweeted

Rachel has not been in a relationship with any other man after she broke up with Isaac. Seems like she is yet not ready to take a huge decision. 


The monkey whispered, "hey how you doin lil mama lemme whisper in your ear" and I was inspired

A photo posted by Rachel Levin (@rclbeauty101) on

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Who is Rachel Levin Dating Currently?

After Rachel Levin broke up with Isaac, people were quite curious to know about her next step. At the moment, Levin has already found her Mr. Perfect. She is now currently dating boyfriend Tyler Regan.

Levin now calls her boyfriend, Regan has Bambi with love. As per gossip mongers, the couple started dating after around six months of Levin broke up with her ex-boyfriend Isaac. Levin announced their relationship via YouTube.