American Youtuber DeStorm Power Dating New Girlfriend? Know about His Affairs and Children

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If you are into YouTube and YouTubers then there is no doubt that you know one of the prominent YouTube stars DeStorm Power who has more than 2 millions subscribers on his Youtube Channel titled by his own name. 

Besides being a Youtuber, he is also a musician, vine star, and a comedian. With his extreme talent and intelligent mind, DeStorm has successfully established himself as one of the famous internet personality of all time. DeStorm Power's hilarious musical series, epic stories, and drama that he relates to life never fails to leave the fans hooked to his videos.

Today, in this section, we will reveal all the hidden personal details of this rising star. So, without further delay. Let's start.

DeStorm Power And His Fellow YouTube Star Janina; Sparking A Romantic Love Affair?

The two co-stars of the YouTube channel DeStorm Power, DeStorm and Janina started off their relationship as co-stars, playing together in the YouTube videos.

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Looking at the attachment of this two talented persons, the viewers speculated that they are dating, however, none of the stars ever confirmed that they are having an affair and neither they denied their relationship.

Rumored boyfriend and girlfriend: DeStorm Power and Janina

Rumored boyfriend and girlfriend: DeStorm Power and Janina

Source: Facebook

But, if you watch their videos continuously, you would find them getting cozy in most of their videos.If you remember their videos Touch My Body Challenge and Cute Vine Compilations, then you must be one of the many who pretty much guessed they are a couple.

Here's one of those videos. Check it out.

Video: TOUCH MY BODY CHALLENGE!!!- OFFICIAL Janina & DeStorm Power

The pair even always goes on events and parties together and enjoys each other's company truly.


MTV Awards!

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Let us tell you one more amazing fact, DeStorm and Janina were even seen sharing kisses with each other and both of them looked perfectly happy with each other. If you don't believe us then here's the picture.

Boyfriend and girlfriend: DeStorm and Janina sharing their kisses passionately

Alleged Boyfriend and girlfriend: DeStorm and Janina kissing each other

Source: youtube

All these facts lead us to the point that the couple is linked in a romantic love affair. We are just eagerly waiting for the day they confirm their relationship.

DeStorm Power's Past Relationship: Father of A Son, Tayvlon Power

Prior to Janina, the YouTube Music Awards for Innovation of the Year winner, DeStorm Power was in a relationship with another girl about whom DeStorm never spoke to the media. We even don't know her name.

Father DeStorm Power and his son Tayvlon Power from his ex-girlfriend(not his wife)

Father DeStorm Power and his son Tayvlon Power from his ex-girlfriend(not his wife)

Source: Frostsnow

DeStorm even has a child; a son named Tayvlon Power together with his mysterious ex-girlfriend. Yes, girlfriend!! They were not married. The family of three were living together in Los Angeles until DeStorm's girlfriend died of stomach cancer in 2008.

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