American vocalist Adam Lambert reveals he would be recording new songs with British band Queen

Updated On 14 Jun, 2016 Published On

Adam Lambert has been seen sharing the stage with the iconic rock group "QUEEN" guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor since 2009 American Idol for a performance of "We Are The Champions". And for the past few years, Adam has been performing as a lead vocalist for Queen as a replacement for their previous vocalist, late Freddie Mercury. Now it’s revealed that Adam is going to record new songs with the British band.


Adam Lambert has got a terrific voice to impress the viewers throughout the world. After the performance in American Idol, Adam again teamed up with Queen at MTV European Music Awards in Belfast, Ireland for a thrilling performance on "The Show Must Go On", "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions". Since then, Adam has been touring with the band across Europe. We also got to see few glimpses of Adam being shirtless in the stages in his performances.

It’s an honor to perform with the legend band Queen and Adam has confessed that he would be interested in making new music with his bandmates. But May and Taylor have never discussed working on new music and they have appreciated the performance of the talented singer Adam Lambert.

Brian May admired Adam that he is the first person we've found who can do all the QUEEN activities without blinking and can fill the role of late vocalist.

May, in an interview, further said

“He brings new blood; he brings enthusiasm, energy and opportunity. How could we do this without him If you looked for someone like that you would never find them. He is a gift from God.”


Adam Lambert is currently single. He seemed to be dating boys rather having a girlfriend but his relationship always ends up with break up. Lambert was also once rumored to have an affair with the well-known singer Kesha. The 34-year-old talented singer is estimated to have a net worth of staggering figure of $12 million. Check out "I Want to Break Free" by Adam and Queen.