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Home Gossip American television journalist Chris Cuomo's net worth estimated to be about $7 million,

American television journalist Chris Cuomo's net worth estimated to be about $7 million,

abhilasha Sun Dec, 2016
American television journalist Chris Cuomo's net worth estimated to be about $7 million,

Christopher Charles 'Chris' Cuomo is an American television journalist who is currently working for the CNN. Chris has the experiences of working with many of the media outlets till now which led him to such a big firm like CNN. Chris has been listed in top 10 highest earning News Anchors and his salary counts in seven digits. So, if Chris salary should be counted in seven-figure how much you think he has the net worth of. And his estimated net worth is said to be about $7 million do you think it is a true fact or just a false rumor.

Chris Cuomo started being on ABC's Good Morning America and later became the co-host of another show named ABC's 20/20. Afterward, he left ABC to be on CNN and went to host CNN's morning show, New Day. He covered much breaking news and established his name in bold name in the media industry. All his work which he did with all of his passion names him what he is today.

Chris Cuomo

 Is Chris Cuomo's net worth $7 million?


Okay, this day it is not hard to believe that people working for big media outlets earn more. Chris Cuomo has also come in the same list of new anchor who earns big amount of money from their work. Chris began his career at an early age. He has done works related to social and political issues in a various media outlet. Chris was a reporter for the Fox News Channel and Fox Broadcast Network's Fox Files where he covered was controversial social issues.

Chris Cuomo

Later joining ABC he worked as a co-anchor and correspondent for many years. After that, he got into CNN where he is currently working. He first entered as a field anchor in CNN and became co-host of a morning show. Now he anchors for a morning show and also reports on major events and breaking news across the network.


Chris Cuomo, according to The Richest, grabs the number tenth position in the '10 of The Highest Earning News Anchors'. He earns $2.5 Million as his monthly salary being the news anchor of CNN. And talking about his net worth how can one guess it to be less right! Yes, Chris does enjoy the net worth of $7 million, which makes him one of the richest anchors of the world.

Chris Cuomo

Apart from the wealth that Chris Cuomo wraps up he has also won and has been nominated in various nominations. He has till now received multiple Emmy Award nominations. His television show 'Good Morning America' when profiled 12-year-old poet got the News Emmy award which made Chris one of the youngest correspondents to receive a News Emmy in network news history.Polk and Peabody Awards, one of the known awards was also given to Chris Cuomo for his great work.