American Television Host's In Tears, Angry Over The Onion’s Provocative Roger Ailes Joke

Updated On 01 Jun, 2017 Published On

 American radio and television host, Sean Hannity is all angry.

Following the joke over Roger Ailes in the headline that read “Hundreds Of Miniature Sean Hannitys Burst From Roger Ailes’ Corpse.” made by the Satirical news site "The Onion", the host has shown his anger through a post on Twitter.


Through the post, the radio host sternly questioned the one making lame jokes over someone who is no more and claimed the humor to be no funnier. 

Well, even in the past, Sean has several times taken a stand to hit the lame humor made over someone's emotional state. Previously, the journalist slammed The New York Times on Twitter after they published a report regarding how often Hannity offers council to Donald Trump

Video: Sean Hannity: I am forever grateful for Roger Ailes

Likewise, he showed his anger one more time after Garbage Time host Katie Nolan called him “a literal f*cking moron,” Moreover, recently, Hannity took Twitter to slam and complain about the negative coverage about Roger Ailes' sexual harassment cases following his death.