American Singer Dave Matthew's Son Has A Different Taste, Chooses Nirvana Over His Father's DMB

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Seems like Dave Matthews' son is unimpressed by his father's taste in music and his band "Dave Matthews Band."

The singer Dave Matthews recently appeared on The Late Show opening about his critic-son.

Dave Matthews with his son and daughter

Dave Matthews with his son and daughter

When the host of the show, Stephen Colbert asked him about his son's musical taste, he replied with a smile literally indicating him as his biggest critic. 

Dad, I like your music, but you know Nirvana is like [loud guitar sounds] and you're like [mellow strumming]," Matthews recalled. "I thought that was pretty solid.

Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band

No matter, how much successful his father is, the mega-successful recording and artist's son is pretty much a Kurt Cobain fan.

Later, when asked about the reason behind the success of the band, the singer claimed it to be the constant concerts and touring. Colbert also talked about the recent show he had attended in North Charleston, South Carolina saying the outdoor concert experience have changed over the years.



  "We've gone from when they used to hold lighters up and that would look like stars and it was pretty and now they hold cell phones up and it's also pretty but it's more consistent. It's like digital stars," he said. "That's why I feel old-timey. Because I'm from the days of fire."

Video: Dave Matthews At The Late Show

Well, the band which was formed in 1991, is most known for the songs like, "Crash into me", "Ants Marching" and much more.