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Home Gossip American Rapper Lil Wayne's Musical Journey: His Net Worth- House, Cars & Source of Earnings

American Rapper Lil Wayne's Musical Journey: His Net Worth- House, Cars & Source of Earnings

Blueprince Thu Oct, 2018
American Rapper Lil Wayne's Musical Journey: His Net Worth- House, Cars & Source of Earnings

Anyone who claims to be a hip-hop fan should be well accustomed to the name of American rapper Lil Wayne, sometimes also called Weezy. Lil Wayne started his musical journey in 1991 and hasn't stopped since, producing albums that have been certified double platinum.

The Grammy-winning American rapper has recorded a total of 12 studio albums which have sold over more than 100 million records, making him one of the best selling musical artists of all times. Wayne is also the CEO of his own label company Young Money Entertainment, and owing to the huge record sales, he has managed to accumulate a huge net worth for himself.

Lil Wayne net worth: $150 million

The American Rapper has managed a tremendous net worth for himself and as of 2018, he has earned a total of $150 million. Lil Wayne is considered one of the richest rappers of all times along with Dr. Dre and Jay Z.


Lil Wayne owned a house in Miami Beach, which the rapper bought back in August 2011 for a total of $11.6 million. The 15,101 sq ft property was put for sale in 2015 at a market price of $18 million.

The house is accommodated with 9 bedrooms followed by 10 bathrooms, and an inbuilt recording studio.

CAPTION: American rapper Lil Wayne's house
SOURCE: therealdeal

The house's price was dropped down to $12 million, but the rapper still didn't have any luck


The American rapper has a huge collection of luxury rides which includes a $1.5 million Buggati Veyrona Rolls-Royce Phantom that costs around $ 450,000, an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish of $298,000 and a Bentley Mulsanne that has a market price of $405,471.

CAPTION: American rapper Lil Wayne inside hi Bugati Veyron
SOURCE: celebritycarsblog

His garage also houses a Campagna T-Rex 14R which is available at a price of $58,349, Cadillac CTS which costs $47,300 and a  Maybach Landaulet that can be bought at $1.35 million. The luxury cars are all part of his tremendous net worth.

Lil Wayne's earnings

Lil Wayne has earned lumps of money from his musical journey, which includes sales from his record album, tours, concerts, and ticket sales.

His 2009 America’s Most Wanted Tour and I Am Music Tour had total earnings of $42,000,000.

CAPTION: American rapper Lil Wayne net worth
SOURCE: zebree

He is said to have charged $500,000 for every show that he was on during 2010 and later increased it to $600,000 in the year 2012. Not to mention, but all these earnings have hughly influenced his tremendous net worth.

Record sales

The American rapper has had huge record sales over the course of his musical career, and his albums have even certified multi-platinum. Some of his grossing albums are given below:

  • Tha Block Is Hot (1999) - $1,402,000
  • Lights Out (2000) - $500,000
  • 500 Degreez (2002) - $585,000
  • Tha Carter (2004) - $878,000
  • Tha Carter II (2005) - $1,400,000
  • Like Father, Like Son (2006) - $500,000
  • The Leak (2007) - $250,000
  • Tha Carter III (2008) - $4,100,000
  • We Are Young Money (2009) - $500,000
  • Rebirth (2010) - $778,000
  • I Am Not a Human Being (2010) - $953,000
  • I Am Still Music (2011) - $47,000,000
  • Tha Carter IV (2011) - $3,500,000
  • I Am Not a Human Being II (2013) - $570,000
  • Rich Gang (2013) - $40,000
  • Rise of an Empire (2014) - $53,000

Lil Wayne had an estimated earning of $15 million in the year 2015, which is mainly from his earnings from his record label Young Money Entertainment. He has also signed great artists like Drake for his record level.

Well, we wish him a prosperous life ahead. And hope his net worth increases even more in the days to come.