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Home Gossip American Political Scientist Condoleezza Rice's Not Yet Married? Does She Have a Boyfriend? Past Affairs

American Political Scientist Condoleezza Rice's Not Yet Married? Does She Have a Boyfriend? Past Affairs

Chandra Rana Sun Jan, 2019
American Political Scientist Condoleezza Rice's Not Yet Married? Does She Have a Boyfriend? Past Affairs

Not all dream of getting married and have a blissful family, for some, priorities are different. The case is much alike for Condoleezza Rice, an American political scientist, and diplomat. 64 years old Rice is never married and has no children.

However, the 66th United States Secretary of State, Condoleezza did have affair in the past. She was engaged to Rick Upchurch, a then-professional American footballer but never tied the knot. Moreover, she became the headlines for her numerous rumored relationship. Do scroll down to quench your thirst on Rice's personal life.

Condoleeza Rice Never Married: Relationship Status in 2019

Ever since the University of Denver graduate Rice became the 20th United States National Security Advisor for George W. Bush administration in 2001, she is the focus for the media. Amid her professional life, her relationship and love life have also become a subject for the media.

Meanwhile, Condoleezza Rice is aged 64 but is not married nor shares any children. Moreover, she never shared her plans for marriage since she broke up with her fiance Rick Upchurch.

It seems she doesn't want to get married, rather she seems to be focused on her career as an American political scientist and diplomat.

Meanwhile, as of January 2019, Condoleezza Rice is allegedly single and enjoys a lavish life with her $4 million net worth.

Rice's Short-Lived Engagement

Back in the 1970s, Condoleezza dated her then-boyfriend Ric Upchurch, a former American footballer. As reported, the couple was also engaged briefly before Rice broke up with him.

Though, none of the couples ever disclosed the reason for their separation in public.

CAPTION: Rick Upchurch, the former fiance of Condoleezza Rice SOURCE: Commons. Wikimedia

As per Rice's biographer, lack of confidence was stated as the reason their relationship collapse. 

She knew the relationship was not going to work.

Well, after the break-up, Rice's ex-fiance Ric reportedly got married to his wife and shared 4 children.

On the other hand, Condoleezza never addressed her on-going relationship. 

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Rumored Affairs of Condoleezza Rice

Although no strong proof of Condoleezza's relationship after Upchurch have come up, she has been alleged of a few romantic relationships.

She was romantically linked with Canadian lawyer and politician Peter MacKay after they appeared in Nova Scotia to commemorate Canada's sheltering of Americans on 9/11 in September 2006.

The rumors got a raging pill when, following their appearance at Tim Hortons, MacKay commented that the then-U.S. Secretary Of State had slept with the window open. The comment soon was misdirected, alleging that they might have spent the night together.

CAPTION: Condoleezza Rice was rumored relationship with Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay SOURCE:

However, in her autobiography No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washinton, Condoleezza defended herself stating the rumors "kind of funny, if misdirected."

Rice wrote:

When I got home, I called Peter. ‘A girl can't be seen with you without some scandal,' I joked. Peter was kind of embarrassed. He is a good friend. 

Besides this, Condoleezza was romantically linked with other foreign politicians including former British foreign minister, Jack Straw, and former Italian foreign minister, Massimo D’Alema.

Apart from this, her rumored relationship with former wide receiver Gene Washington was a major subject in 2007 after Washington escort Rice for a dinner with Queen Elizabeth II. However, the alleged duo was later confirmed as good friends only.

Is Condoleezza Rice A Lesbian?

The speculation of Rice being a lesbian came in 2009 after former Israeli Education Minister Limor Livnat accused that Rice was in a sexual relationship with Israeli politician Tzipi Livni.

However, besides the accusations, no proof to question her sexuality ever came forward.

CAPTION: Tzipi Livni and Condoleezza Rice SOURCE: Loadtve

Also, the issue made all to recall the incident of 2007 when Glenn Kessler’s book The Confidante: Condoleezza Rice and the Creation of the Bush Legacy that stated Rice co-owned a house in Palo-Alto with Randy Bean, a documentary filmmaker, and writer.

Well, some sources cited that the relationship of the two women was more than friendship.

But until now, Rice has not talked about her sexual orientation, and without further substantial proof, her lesbian rumors remain to be a postulate.

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Quick Review On Condoleezza Rice

What is Condoleezza Rice best known for?

Condoleezza Rice, an American political scientist, and diplomat is best known as the 66th United States Secretary of State for George W. Bush administration.

Is Condoleezza Rice married?

No, as of January 2019, Condoleezza is not married.

What is Condoleezza Rice age?

Born on November 14, 1954, Rice's age is 64, as of January 2019.

Does Condoleezza Rice have a sister?

Rice keeps her family detail low profile. She and Susanna Rice were rumored to be sisters but they are not related to each other despite both being African-American.

Who is Condoleezza Rice partner?

Meanwhile, she is not reported to be dating or married, so the identity of her partner is not out.

How much is Condoleezza Rice net worth?

Rice's net worth in 2018 was estimated to be $4 million, the net worth in 2019 is under review.